Do you really understand the Fantasy Westward Journey Shenmu chess game? Isn’t it good to give 27W experience and 2W reserves in one round?

Recently, a friend came back to his dream. Because the hardware he bought was too bad, he often met Xiaobai when he was a teacher. The friend ran over to ask if there was a way to play without hardware, and he could get experience and reserves to support the account. After thinking twice, Jiguang decided to recommend Shenmu Chess Game to him, and he could get 27W experience and 2W reserve in just three minutes!

Today’s guide is suitable for students who don’t have any hardware and want to raise a number. Of course, if you want to clear the 20th floor, you can also use it for reference.



The Shenmu chess game is divided into 20 layers. The higher the number of layers, the more experience and reserves. However, the latter layers require luck and operation. If you want to quickly brush and get rewards, this is not recommended. Just brush the first layer directly. You can see that you enter the battle in 29 minutes and 33 seconds, and come out in 32 minutes and 19 seconds. After 3 minutes, you will get 27W experience and 2W reserve. (Test character level 175)

Because the Shenmu chess game does not require players to have any hardware foundation, it is very suitable for hobbyists without training and equipment, just like courtyards and pastures.


customs clearance

Before sharing the quick brush strategy, it is best for everyone to clear the Shenmu chess game first, that is, to reach the 20th floor. Why do you want to do this, because only high-level numbers can get high-level engraving, and the core high-level engraving is also a key factor in quickly brushing low-level levels.

The core skill of clearing the 20th floor of Shenmu Chess is to choose the correct engraving and blessing. Taking Cheng Yaojin as an example, if you want to clear the level, the selection of blessings is very strict. If you choose the wrong one, you can only restart it.

Clear the Shenmu Chess game with 20 layers of engraving combinations:

Unarmed + Collector + Sturdy + Power Break, the most perfect combination is 2 Unarmed + 1 Collector + 2 Sturdiness, so the initial attribute has an additional 4 points of attack and 8 points of HP. The initial attack is high, and the start is much easier, and the upper limit of blood and blood determines whether you can clear the 20th floor.

Because the replacement of the engraving is random, the perfect combination is almost difficult to achieve, so you can use it when you break it.

Clearing the 20th floor of Shenmu Chess Game:

Horizontal split (shield) + horizontal split (back) + heavy attack (shield) + heavy attack (cooked) + 2 heavy attack (chasing) + 2 ten directions invincible + 2 sinking.

I used Cheng Yaojin to play the 20th floor of the Shenmu chess game and tested a variety of blessing combinations. Only the above combinations can defeat the ultimate BOSS. You can learn from it.


Quick brush routine

For the Shenmu chess game, customs clearance and quick brushing are two different experiences. The former is cautiously walking on thin ice, for fear of making a wrong move, while the latter is just for speed. The Shenmu Chess game normally takes 8 days to clear the game, but in the quick brush mode, in order to save time, it usually takes 3 days.

1. The first day

Leave the two treasure chests in the picture, you need to brush the greedy treasure chest the next day to get a lot of gold coins.

2. The second day

Continue the day level the next day, just use the skills to go to the Greedy Treasure Chest. I got 92W of gold coins in this level (40W is to trigger the Collector’s Mark). Then use this money to buy blessings, shields for horizontal splits, back, and even, shields for heavy hits, chase, and familiarity. The focus is to buy these six. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy all of them, anyway, the first level BOSS is super easy, you can brush it without blessings. With these blessings, you can brush faster and more securely.

3. Day 3

After buying the blessings on the second night, go directly to the boss, and continue to brush money without wasting days. You can see that I used 92W gold coins to buy five blessings, heavy hit (cooked) + heavy hit (chasing) + Horizontal split (back) + swept thousands of troops + smashed the boat.

If the battle on the third day did not solve the boss, you can continue to challenge it on the fourth day. Because my blessing was not good enough, the battle was not resolved within three days, and it was resolved only on the fourth day, but it didn’t have much impact, and it took more than ten seconds.


Each gameplay of Fantasy Westward Journey has its own unique features. If you are tired of brushing and don’t want to be educated by the bosses in PK, then you might as well experience a Shenmu chess game, which can not only be leisurely and entertaining, but also get a lot of money of reserves and experience, isn’t it fragrant?