Do you know these signs of cataracts?

What are the typical symptoms of cataracts, today we will take stock:


blurred vision

Blurred vision is the number one symptom of cataracts. Often, people with cataracts experience progressive blurring of vision and sometimes the perception that there are halos around the light and objects are not bright enough in color. Cataract patients may feel uncomfortable or irritable if the headlights of the opposite car are too dazzling when driving at night.


Relief of presbyopia symptoms

Some elderly people usually need to wear reading glasses to read books and newspapers. Suddenly they find that they can see clearly without wearing reading glasses. Some elderly people are very happy. In fact, this may be one of the symptoms of cataracts. Because of the first onset of senile cataract, the convexity of the lens increases and the refractive near point changes, so the visual acuity will temporarily improve.


shadow in front of you

An eye shadow is also one of the early symptoms of cataracts. In the early stage of cataract, there may be dotted or patchy shadows that are fixed in position and unchanged in shape in front of the patient’s eyes. It is different from the floaters caused by vitreous opacity, the shadow of the latter is movable, disappearing and appearing, and the shape is changeable.


day or night blindness

If the lens opacity starts in the central part first, when the light is strong during the day and the pupil is narrowed, the light entering the eye is blocked, resulting in day blindness; if the lens opacity is located in the peripheral part, the dark light entering the equatorial retina at night is blocked, and the equatorial retina is blocked. The rod-shaped cells are responsible for night vision, resulting in night blindness. This is one of the early symptoms of cataracts.


abnormal color vision

In daily life, when people look at lights, there will be colored circles or halos around them, similar to the rainbow in summer, which is called rainbow vision in medicine. When the rainbow vision increases in life, it may also be one of the symptoms of early cataract.

Reminder: Elderly friends can check themselves at home. If one or more of the above conditions occur, they should go to a professional eye hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.