Do you know the saying “people over 60 don’t go to three places”?

The Chinese nation is a nation with a long history. Many common sayings have been born in the past years, and the common sayings have been passed down through countless people’s mouths to this day. The old sayings are very common in today’s life, because the old sayings are rich in profound philosophy. Although the common saying is not as beautiful as Tang poetry and Song poetry, it is a language that everyone likes very much. The reason why the saying is popular is that it is drawn from life and serves life. Since it comes from the generalization of life of the ancient working people, it plays a vital role in our life, and some of them have become our ‘guiding lights’.

people over sixty

With the continuous advancement of scientific and technological conditions, the life expectancy of human beings is also gradually extending. Sixty years old belongs to middle-aged and old people for modern people, but for ancient people, sixty years old is already an old age. This is because of the technological conditions and life in the past. conditions are relatively backward. So the ancients regarded ‘sixty years’ as an important turning point. It is for this reason that the ancients summed up many sayings about the age of sixty, for example, “When a person reaches sixty, he will never meet, and he will never touch.” , “Sixty live years, ninety live days”, “Fifty know the mandate of heaven, and sixty ears are obedient” and so on.

Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and time has passed from the fingertips like a white horse. Everyone has a day when they grow old, and the age of sixty is also called “the year of smooth ears”. It is not difficult to see from the literal meaning of the phrase “people over 60 don’t go to three places.” It is an old admonition to exhort people. The ‘three places’ here refers to three places. Let’s take a look at whether it makes sense.

Mo to three places

①Where money is consumed, there is an old saying that “money is not everything.” However, money is also indispensable in life. After all, there are many cases where “a penny can beat a hero”. Especially for older people, the money accumulated in the past should not be consumed indiscriminately, because these money are the confidence of the future, and the accumulated money is also for the protection of future life. We all know the old saying that “it is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself”, so in the year of listening, it is not appropriate to go to places where money is wasted.

②We all know the old saying that “the body is the capital of everything”, so when you are in a good year, you must pay attention to the health of your body, and give up some bad habits that should be quit. After all, the body has reached the age of listening. In fact, bad habits are harmful to the body without any benefit, especially older people should pay more attention. Therefore, in order to keep the body from going downhill, it is also not suitable to go to places that consume health.

③A place where reputation is consumed is a place where people talk a lot. Because it is easy to be controversial in places where there are many people talking, and as the so-called ‘right and wrong places should not stay for a long time’, it is also not suitable to go to places that consume reputation. And it also avoids unnecessary disputes. Having said so many places that are not suitable to go, do you not go anywhere after the age of sixty? Not really, here is just a list of the downsides of these places. In fact, there are still many places to go, such as a place to exercise, a place to feel good, a place to help your physical and mental health, and so on.

To sum up: “People over 60, don’t go to three places”, I personally think this sentence is more reasonable, because in the year of Ershun, it is really not suitable to go to the above-mentioned places, after all, those places are not good for themselves. The wisdom of the ancients is also very admired here, because the truths they summed up are still not out of date. What do you think of the phrase “people reach sixty, no three places”? Do you think the elders are right?