Do you know the 4 benefits of adding nitrogen to tires?

Do you know the 4 benefits of adding nitrogen to tires?

Do you know nitrogen? Do you know where nitrogen is used in life? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the benefits of adding nitrogen to tires. Go and collect them!

1. Improve the stability and comfort of tire driving.

Nitrogen is almost an inert diatomic gas with extremely inert chemical properties. Gas molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, not easy to expand and contract with heat, and have a small deformation range. The speed of penetration into the tire wall is about 30-40% slower than that of air, it can keep tire pressure stable, improve tire driving stability and ensure driving comfort; the audio conductivity of nitrogen is very low, equivalent to 1/5 of ordinary air . Using nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise and improve driving quietness.

2. Prevent puncture and drain.

Flat tires are the number one killer of road traffic accidents. According to statistics, 46% of traffic accidents on highways are caused by tire failures, of which puncture accounts for 70% of all tire accidents. When the car is driving, the temperature of the tires will increase due to the friction with the ground. Especially during high-speed driving and emergency braking, the air temperature in the tire will rise rapidly, and the tire pressure will rise sharply, so there is a possibility of a tire blowout. High temperatures can cause tire rubber to age, reduce fatigue strength, and severely wear treads, which are also important factors that can lead to tire blowouts. Compared with ordinary high-pressure air, high-purity nitrogen contains no oxygen, almost no moisture and oil. It has low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature rise, slower tire heat storage rate, non-flammable and non-flammable characteristics. Therefore, the chance of puncture can be greatly reduced.

3. Extend tire life

After using nitrogen, the tire pressure is stable and the volume change is small, which greatly reduces the possibility of irregular tire friction such as tire crown wear, tire shoulder wear and local wear, and improves the service life of the tire; the aging of the rubber is affected by the oxygen molecules in the air. influences. Due to oxidation, its strength and elasticity decrease after aging, and cracks can appear. At this time, one of the reasons for the shortening of tire life. The nitrogen separation device can greatly remove oxygen, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities in the air, effectively reduce the oxidation degree of tire inner lining and rubber corrosion, and will not corrode metal rims, extending the service life of tires. The longevity of the tires also greatly reduces the rusting of the rims.

4. Reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment.

Insufficient tire pressure and increased rolling resistance after heating will increase the fuel consumption of the car while driving. Nitrogen maintains stable tire pressure and delays the drop in tire pressure. It is dry, oil and water free, and has low thermal conductivity. It has the characteristics of slow heating, which reduces the temperature rise of the tire when walking, and increases the grip of the tire with a small deformation, reduces the rolling resistance, and achieves the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.

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