Do it once! Guanhu Street focuses on emergencies, worries, and hopes to promote refined neighborhood governance

Guanhu Street actively explores the path of grass-roots governance in super-large cities. Through fixed-frame management services, combined with the first-inquiry responsibility system and the “one-time completion” service commitment, it focuses on solving the urgent problems of the masses, accurately resolves the big and small issues of block governance, and creates Participating neighborhoods of good governance.

“One stop” is done well, the first question is responsible

On May 16, Mr. He in Runcheng Community was unable to apply for junior high school admission for his child because the registered address of the real estate certificate was inconsistent with the latest address specification. He felt anxious and worried, so he went to the community grid site for help. Liao Yongmei, a grid staff member, patiently understood the situation and immediately submitted an application to the Street Grid Center. After verifying the street, community, and grid information and the linkage work, she issued relevant certificates of the same residential address in less than half an hour, realizing the “whole-process service” residents are looking forward to “” Do it once.”

“Neighbors” walk to solve problems

Recently, when the staff were walking in the neighborhood, they found that there was often sewage overflowing somewhere in Xiawei New Village. The smell was unpleasant and the residents were troubled. After preliminary investigation, the pipe network here is old and blocked seriously. The street teamed up with Longhua Drainage Company to carry out close investigations, implement the renovation design, and steadily advance the project approval. It took one month to complete the pipeline dredging and renovation construction, effectively solve the problem of sewage overflow, improve the environmental quality and increase the happiness of residents.

Resolve disputes and deal with them in real time

On May 16, a resident of a residential area called the grid operator of the building to report that the sewage pipe in the house leaked, and the water flooded the whole house. The property management did not cooperate and did not deal with it. They hoped that the community would coordinate. The pioneer service team was dispatched quickly. After understanding, it was caused by improper maintenance of sewage pipes in the property, which caused water leakage. The team immediately convened the person in charge of the property and the owner to identify the water leakage on the spot, and took the lead in organizing a symposium. After many communications and coordination, the two parties reached an agreement that the property should bear the responsibility, compensate the residents for their losses and clean the house. The mediation is properly resolved, so that small things don’t stay out of the neighborhood, and big things don’t stay out of the community.

Written by: Nandu reporter Pan Yingyu and correspondent Lai Junheng