Do I have to have my tonsils removed?



Under normal circumstances, when we catch a cold, it will cause a series of chain reactions, and some of them will often appear, as long as a cold will cause the tonsils to swell.

The tonsils are swollen, and the process of swelling is not pleasant, so some people give an order to completely eradicate the tonsils in order to solve the problem fundamentally.

Of course, the removal of tonsils does have a corresponding immediate effect, but you must know that in addition to inflammation and swelling, it is indeed a true hero.

If you did have tonsillectomy before and thought you would never have tonsils again, you are wrong.



At least from a medical point of view, this is not true.

Because the tonsils are actually located in a circle of our throat, they are composed of lingual tonsils, palatine tonsils, and pharyngeal tonsils, so they are also called tonsils in medicine.

Don’t underestimate them, they are the famous immune tissue, they are diligently responsible for checking all the things we swallow every day.

Whether it is eaten, drunk or inhaled, as long as it passes through the throat, they will be picked out by them and taken back to their own territory to study slowly.

Old acquaintances such as apples and bananas will definitely pass without problems, but some pathogens that cause pain will never be spared.



So they are an elite army of immune cells in your body, naturally curious babies, they have only one responsibility, to detect invading foreign objects and train immune cells to respond. From this point of view, they are absolute heroes.

Therefore, if it is not a last resort, it is better not to remove them easily.

You must know that the reason why the tonsils are frequently inflamed is actually because the tonsils are too curious and industrious.

If you do have a compelling reason, it is generally recommended to remove it after the age of 7.



Because before the age of 7, our immune cells need to undergo the necessary training.

From the moment you were born into this world, you will experience a variety of different environments.

For example, being hugged by mom and dad, playing in the park, touching and tasting, experiencing all kinds of strange little things, and being exposed to all kinds of environments.

By being constantly exposed to these various things, the tonsils take every opportunity to work hard to train immune cells to respond appropriately to any invasive species they encounter.

Basically by the time you’re around 7 years old, all of this deep training is done and the immune system is working properly.



So before the age of 7, this kind of training work has not been completed, so once you remove the tonsils, it is likely to affect the whole system of training and work of the body, and may even cause some unexplained adverse reactions.

For example, if you have your tonsils removed before age 7, you are more likely to be obese.

As for why this happens, no reasonable explanation has yet been found.

It can only be said that if your children have had tonsillectomy, then they must pay attention to the postoperative diet.



Of course, there are exceptions. Even if you are not yet 7 years old, if the tonsils are swollen and affect sleep or breathing, the effect of weight gain is almost negligible.

Even with swollen tonsils, your immune system is actively defending and loyal every day.

But if it’s so swollen that it affects breathing and sleep, then I’m afraid we’ll have to give up.

In this case, it is not necessary to remove the entire tonsils immediately, but the particularly swollen part can be removed first.

Of course, if your tonsils are constantly inflamed, that’s another story.



After all, if the body is in a state of inflammation for a long time, then the immune system will always be tense, which will definitely hinder the health of the body after a long time.

So in this case, in order to prevent the immune system from being overly sensitive for a long time, it is necessary to make the sacrifice of removing the tonsils.

So whether to go or stay the tonsils naturally has its own pros and cons.

For those who have had to have their tonsils removed, there is no need to worry, because all you have removed is the palatine tonsils, after all, you have lingual tonsils and pharyngeal tonsils.

So although there will be an impact, it shouldn’t be a big problem.



Likewise, for those who have had their tonsils removed, don’t worry, if it’s only occasionally swollen, it’s a sign that it’s working diligently.

As long as it doesn’t affect your breathing and doesn’t have to be resolved immediately, you can indeed be more tolerant of it, after all, it is always busy and loyal to you.