Do domestic car tires need to be filled with nitrogen?

Nowadays, more and more car owners like to fill the tires of their cars with nitrogen, especially in summer. It is said that nitrogen filling can prevent the tire from blowing out. So is nitrogen filling good for car tires?

First of all, we need to popularize why we need to fill the tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen filling first appeared on racing tires, because the air contains oxygen. If the temperature of the tire is too high, the oxygen in the tire becomes a combustion accelerant. Nitrogen is an inert gas, and heat conduction The property is much worse than that of air. After adding high-purity nitrogen, the tire will not explode so easily. Relatively speaking, nitrogen filling will make the tire work more stable. So the question is, is nitrogen really as magical as we think?

In fact, the air contains 78% nitrogen. When the tire is flushed with nitrogen, the air remaining in the tire will also make the nitrogen impure. Some friends will say that you can vacuum the tires first. Yes, some car beauty shops do this, but do you know how harmful it is?

When vacuuming the tire, the tire will be seriously deformed, which will cause great damage to the crown, shoulder, sidewall and toe wire of your tire. After a vacuum, the steel wire structure inside the tire may be damaged. deformed or damaged.

Airing the tires is free at tire shops, while adding nitrogen costs the car owner. Some people are willing to try it, but in fact, its effect is really small. If nitrogen is dry and anhydrous, then dry air can also replace it; if the inner surface of the tire is afraid of oxidation, the harsh environment of the tread will damage the tread faster. Besides, the main cause of tire aging is the role of the tread. If the car is on the gravel road for a long time, the tire wear will naturally increase.

After the vacuum shown in the above picture, if it is an old tire with a long time, cracks will appear in serious cases. Besides, even if it is filled with nitrogen, do you think what you are charging is really pure nitrogen? The biggest advantage of nitrogen is that it is purer than air, because it does not contain moisture and other impurities. In theory, it can definitely protect metal and rubber, but the air already contains 78% nitrogen, so we have good reasons. Suspicion that nitrogen-filled tires is nothing more than a money-making gimmick.