Do Chocolate Cysts Need Surgery? – Doctor Cuckoo

Chocolate cysts do not necessarily require surgery.

Judgment of whether surgery is necessary for chocolate cyst:

Chocolate cysts do not necessarily require surgery, depending on the size, location, age, and need for fertility of the patient’s cyst. The main cause of chocolate cysts is that fragments of the endometrial lining produced during menstruation or after an abortion cannot be completely excreted, and the unexpelled fragments remain on the surface of the ovary and around the fallopian tubes, and then slowly form cysts. Therefore, chocolate cysts are mostly benign non-neoplastic cysts, and if the cyst is small, it usually does not affect a woman’s normal life and fertility. In this case, surgery is not necessary. You can take Sanjie Analgesic Capsules, Guizhi Fuling Capsules and other medicines under the guidance of a doctor for treatment. If necessary, it can be injected with Dabijia or the intrauterine birth control ring-Mirena. If the cyst is large, it will affect the women’s menstruation, resulting in irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, and some cysts will block the fallopian tubes, resulting in the impact of ovarian ovulation function. The cysts are also prone to rupture, leading to severe abdominal pain and even an abdominal infection, which requires surgery. Some patients with chocolate cysts can be cured with conservative medical treatment, not necessarily surgical treatment.

Precautions for chocolate cysts:

Patients are advised to pay attention to their diet and avoid eating high-salt, raw and cold foods. At the same time, develop good work and rest habits and try not to stay up late.