DNF: Will there be follow-up compensation for Harmony? 2W coupon event may be launched, but players do not pay

Before you know it, several days have passed since the Lihui Harmony incident! Regarding this incident, due to the planning to change the terminal game beyond recognition in order to launch a mobile game, it also caused a small fluctuation. In major post bars and forums, at least 8 posts out of 10 are discussing this, and it is on the hot list of post bars. It even ranked second, and from the fact that the harmony is so strong and there are 7 G data, it is not entirely impossible to launch the official server in the future.

What will happen to Lihui Harmony’s official service?

What will happen to the official service online? Presumably it will lead to many people getting out of the pit. After all, after the harmony, DNF is no longer familiar to players. Simply put, there is no soul. The players who are still playing are basically old players. They may not love it as much as before, but they have already regarded DNF as a part of their life. Even if they are tired from work, they will take some time to play. But if it is changed, it will become an opportunity for many players to get out of the pit, and the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Planning will not remain unmoved

After causing a large number of players to get out of the pit, the planning will definitely not be unmoved, but will use compensation to retain the current players and attract some players to return to the pit. During the Vortex version, due to the plan to super double the group book and recklessly put on the krypton gold gift package, it caused a large number of players to drop out of the pit. It was the most serious one during the Antouni version. player . It is precisely because the loss of players is too serious that the planning follow-up also admitted that the super doubling was a wrong change, weakened the whirlpool, and compensated the players.

Vortex compensation is very powerful

The compensation for the whirlpool is very powerful. As long as the player binds 1 character, he can get the Taibors suit, the unlimited slash pass reward that can be brushed, and after completing 6 tasks, he can get 1W joy Token coupons and Taibors support gift box, can bind up to 2 characters to get two rewards, which means you can get 2W happy token coupons , it is also because there are more props given, and token coupons are more than anniversary gifts. The 7777 is nearly 3 times higher, so it has also pulled back a lot of players, otherwise DNF will really be cold.

Players don’t pay

As for the harmony of the vertical painting, if a large number of players get out of the pit because of harmony, it is very likely that this event will be launched, but even if it does, players will not pay the bill. After all, the strength of this harmony has moved the root of DNF. , who can tolerate that the nurse’s cross they play turns into a frame, and the game they play turns into a game for 8-year-old children, not to mention that the 200 yuan coupons given are not many, not enough for players to buy a gift package, many players Not bad, if you send a set of dragon robes, or a +13 enhancement coupon, maybe the player can still accept it.

【Personal summary】

In general, 2W tokens did attract a lot of players to return to the pit during the Vortex version, but Vortex is just a copy, and players can still pay for it through weakening and compensation, but there are too many content involved in the harmonious painting. The roots of DNF have been moved, and DNF is already a dusk game. It is not very popular at present, and it can no longer withstand such a toss. If the test is reckless and forcibly harmonious, it will inevitably lead to many players. Big disappointment, not 2W token coupons, 4W token coupons can make up for it.