DNF: The game has encountered a large-scale adjustment follow-up! Already on the “hot search list” second, the planning began to panic

The unpacking of the “Advance Server” revealed that the content of the DNF game has undergone extensive adjustments, which has attracted widespread attention from players. Due to the intense discussion, it even ranked second in the hot search. Now the planning will start to panic!

The game has suffered extensive adjustments

On the 27th, the “Advance Server” was unpacked, and the relevant content in the game was exposed in advance. It encountered an unprecedented major adjustment, covering a wide range, including professional portraits, skill forms, skill icons, equipment icons, equipment appearance, dungeon monsters, etc., More or less revised version!


In addition, for the red icon equipment, the uniform is changed to purple, the clothing must also be clothed, all monsters wear pants, and the plan has opened the major modification mode. Even the weapon of the clergy has changed from a cross to a “one-frame”. This wave of adjustments and revisions is simply beyond the players’ expectations.


The game has been adjusted in a large area on the hot search

The large-scale rectification of the “advance server” game has aroused the “anger” of players, and they have posted condemnation. You must know that DNF is known as the “800W Warrior”, and most of them do not agree with the adjustment. After all, the original characteristics of the game have been lost, and the popularity has gradually soared. I have to say that the player is too powerful. In a short period of time, it has become the second most popular search!


What does “the second most searched” mean? It has spread for a long time and has a great influence. At the same time, the game has become famous. The second place on the hot search is thanks to the efforts of DNF players, who keep posting “complaints”, and the popularity is so high.


It is worth mentioning that many game players know that DNF has undergone extensive revisions. After all, hot searches such as “Yuanshen” have begun to throw olive branches, and “new friends” are welcome to join this big family.

Planning starts to panic

Release some unpacking content in the “advance server”, this is a tentative plan to see how players react. But I didn’t expect that the players’ feedback was very intense, and the large-scale adjustments to the game were not bought at all. Some people even made an oath that as long as they modified and adjusted the actual equipment, they would switch to other games and give up DNF completely when the broken equipment was “out of the pit”, which made the planners panic.


The Chinese New Year version is about to be updated, when the Bakar regiment will be released, and the gift package will arrive as scheduled. Earnings will have a significant impact. Therefore, the large-scale adjustment of the game makes planning a dilemma, but this is also an impossible thing.


As the well-known anchor Xuxu Baobao said, “These large-scale adjustments and modifications are not what game manufacturers are willing to do.” Many water friends have “crying” to post a barrage, asking Baby Xuxu to talk to the planner and see if the revision can be undone. But Baby Xuxu said that he looks down on him too much. What do you think an anchor can do? The anchor is also a player and has nothing to do with planning. “Production Ren”, “Yao Planning”, etc., these are just jokes. It is really unacceptable and can be solved with patches.

Personal summary

The large-scale adjustment and modification of the game exposed by the “advance server” unpacking, whether it can log in to the official server is still unknown, but from the perspective of the players’ attitudes, they are basically the same, and they are unwilling to update the actual installation. A good game, if it is revised and adjusted, the characteristics will be lost, which is really difficult to accept! Of course, if the plan goes its own way, we can only accept it. Fortunately, DNF games have an omnipotent “patch” that can perfectly solve this problem.