DNF: The 4th 18 finally succeeded! Brother Bao’s metaphysical operation worked, and the first short sword of the national service was born

As we all know, Baby Xuxu and Qianbei joined a joint venture some time ago, and bought 3 swordsmanships with red 18 lightsabers. Buying so many swordsmanships with red 18 lightsabers is not to break through the “like rain and seclusion” “The record of the red 20 lightsaber, but I want to make a little money at 19, but it is a pity that 3 have been broken, and the cost of 30W is also lost, and baby Xuxu also admitted that he will not be with Qianbingwei. Work together to red 19 lightsabers.

Xuxu baby water friend “Tian Laosao” bought 18 lightsabers

But it’s not just baby Xuxu and Qianbingwei who will buy 18 lightsabers to rush 19. A local tyrant named “Tian Laosao” in the live broadcast room of baby Xuxu also bought a red 18 light in order to make money at 19. Sword’s account, the price of purchasing the account is unknown. It is estimated that the price is about the same as when Baby Xuxu bought it, about 10W. However, he did not plan to use it by himself, but asked Baby Xuxu to help him , and Baby Xuxu also absorbed it. After the previous three lessons, I decided to change the augmentation posture. What posture?

Baby Xuxu played metaphysics

Simply put, it is playing metaphysics. First of all, because baby Xuxu is more related to the short sword (there used to be an 18 short sword), he also inherited the increase of the red 18 lightsaber to the short sword . After the sword, he also used the only adjustment box in the consumables column to adjust the attributes of the weapon.

Said that if you use one adjustment box to adjust the weapons to the top level, then tonight will be unfavorable, and the result is really transferred to the top level by Xuxu baby, and the magic attack is almost full by 1 point, luck can be said to be very good The explosion , and baby Xuxu is also very excited, has already made a successful gesture, very feeling.

The 4th 18th weapon finally succeeded

Before starting the game, Baby Xuxu also launched fish balls at the opening. Since it was an increase of 19, and there were 3 failures in the front door, only 864.5W were considered to be successful, while the unsuccessful ones were as high as 1461.5W. After the opening, baby Xuxu also started to go on.

It’s still the same familiar augmentation routine. After breaking dozens of cushions, Baby Xuxu finally started to use the “perfect” Dafa. The result is surprising that the first 19 was successful. A short sword was born, and at the same time, it also created the 1400W fish ball tragedy.

Baby Xuxu is very excited

After the success of the 19th, Xuxu Baobao was also very excited, with both hands beating Ye, saying that it is really possible to use the dagger, and then boasted that he saw the dagger at a critical moment, it seems that the lightsaber is useless, or the dagger sharp. However, Baby Xuxu also felt helpless. The 3 18s he put on were all broken, and the ones for others turned out to be. After that, Baby Xuxu also inherited this 18 short sword to the lightsaber, the first short sword in the national service. The sword has also become the second lightsaber of the national server. It is estimated that selling the account can earn at least 5W.

【Personal summary】

In general, Baby Xuxu deserves to be the king of boosters. Although the first three red 18 lightsabers were all broken, when he got the fourth one, after seeing the short sword in the warehouse, he quickly thought of himself and himself. The dagger has a destiny, so it is also inherited to the dagger, but I did not expect it to succeed. It is indeed a player who has played and won the red 18 short sword. The next time you use the Ghost Swordsman weapon, you can completely inherit the short sword and increase it, and it is no problem to go up to 20.