DNF goddess Menghan strikes, cuteness is worthless in front of sexy, brother Bao: legs are really white


In many online games, with the passage of time, they have gradually formed their own professional leagues, such as the S series of LOL, the KPL of King of Glory, and the DPL game of Dungeon and Warriors. However, compared to the World Championship and KPL, DPL has less influence and appeal. Even for many DNF players in the national service, they would not choose to watch DPL games, which is very embarrassing. So, do you know that the DPL has been at war for several days? In fact, there are many beautiful hosts in DPL, such as Menghan. This time, the DNF goddess Menghan strikes. Cuteness is worthless in front of sexy. Brother Bao: The legs are really white.

DPL starts war, DNF goddess Menghan strikes

Although DNF began to be tested in the national server in 2008, a special professional league was formed in 2014, that is, the S1 season of DPL. From 2014 to 2022, it carried 10 fighting memories, and the S10 season of DPL The war finally started. This year’s DPL inherits the previous professional leagues, and China and South Korea offer rewards through layers of selection, and finally select 36 leaders from the individual competition, and the new mode of the team competition will also add 6 teams to compete for the first championship. In addition to the competition system, DPL beauty host Meng Han came and still hosted the DPL competition to give a wonderful explanation.

Meng Han: Cuteness is worthless in front of sexy

As a fighting online game that was born in 2008, DNF is mostly male players and very few female players, so when Menghan once again hosted the DPL professional league, it did add a lot to this tournament. fun of. In addition to the contestants and commentators in the DPL live broadcast room, of course there is also a small loli among the commentators, but for the vast majority of the audience of the DPL league, whoever watches the male players, who watches the male commentator, who watches Little Loli, everyone’s eyes are sharp, and most of their eyes are focused on Menghan, including Baby Xuxu, who also said bluntly, “Menghan’s legs are so white!”

Menghan interacts with baby Xuxu

When baby Xuxu opened the live broadcast room of the DPL league, the first thing that caught his eye was the beautiful Menghan. Brother Bao: “Why is Menghan so white! It seems that she is still fat now, because she stayed at home for several months because of the epidemic.” I don’t know if Menghan has been a good friend of Brother Bao for many years, whether the two have telepathy, and then Menghan interacted with Baby Xuxu in the air: “Brother Bao should also watch DPL games online, he just heard us tease him. He will definitely Put your hands on your chest.” Then he made Brother Bao laugh, and Zhi Yan Menghan peeked at your Uncle Bao.


Looking forward to the wonderful performance of the professional players in the S10 season of DPL, but what I did not expect is that through watching the barrage of the game in the past few days, I found that most of the DNF warriors did not come to DPL, but to Menghan. , I have to say, the eyes of the brothers are the same as mine. In the end, I don’t know what everyone thinks of the DNF goddess Menghan’s attack. Cuteness is worthless in front of sexy. Brother Bao: What about the fact that the legs are really white? All comments and concerns are welcome.