DNF female street fighter army equipment matching recommendation

DNF female street fighter army equipment matching recommendation


【2】Combination recommendation

Epic equipment is divided into two categories: [fixed entry] and [custom entry].

[Fixed entry] The difficulty of acquiring and training is relatively low, and the basic framework of equipment matching;

[Custom Entry] There are many kinds of entries, and it is more difficult to obtain the perfect entry. As a later pursuit, replace the fixed entry equipment with lower strength in a certain part to supplement the strength.

[Legion Version Fusion Equipment] In addition to the new fixed entry epic equipment, the Legion dungeon version also adds fusion equipment. The use method is similar to the Sherlock/Ozma fusion equipment, which requires consumption of materials and epic equipment fusion to achieve the effect.

[Option 1] Attack speed and big trick flow

Supplementary note: The Poison King is different from other professions. It is only the bracelet that uses the poison to transform the bracelet to benefit the most. In addition, the Poison King’s own poisoned damage is reduced by 100% and will not lose blood, so 50% of the damage brought by the bracelet is converted to poison, which is equivalent to 50%. Injury reduction, the Poison King’s actual combat defense ability will be very strong. The reason why the earrings are recommended for colorless ice crystal earrings is that only the exclusive huge bonus of the Poison King can be used to offset the CD penalty; the custom medium blue emerald breastplate only needs to transmit a 30% poison damage to be regarded as graduation. .

[Option 2] Abnormal big recruit flow

Supplementary description: The unusual and exclusive collocation of the Poison King has a low threshold for creation; it can be matched with perfect customization, and the upper limit is high.

[Option 3] Attack Speed ​​Small Skill Explosive Poison Flow

[Option 4] Unusually small skill explosion poison

[3] Custom equipment entry selection

The 4 entries for custom equipment appear randomly from the entry pool, and the entry pool for a piece of equipment consists of general entries, equipment type entries, and exclusive entries.

[General entry] Entry pool shared by all custom equipment;

[Equipment Type Entry] According to different equipment types (weapons, armor, jewelry, special equipment), the same type of equipment shares the entry pool;

【Exclusive entry】The exclusive entry pool for this piece of equipment;

The entry pool can be viewed in the in-game [Encyclopedia Dictionary].

Since there are a lot of variables in the combination of custom equipment entry, I will share my personal thoughts here and recommend some feasible equipment and entries.

Taking the special 3 pieces as an example, the most perfect combination is to increase the attack by 5% when attacking a poisoned enemy + increase the attack by 5% when attacking a bleeding enemy + increase the attack by 5% when attacking a burning enemy + strong

Because the poison king comes with poisoning, bleeding and burning, such earrings will bring a huge increase in technical attack. The burning priority is higher than the bleeding, because the burning can be used for the whole process, and the bleeding lasts too short. .