DNF: Epic Simulator Gear Matching! “Enchanting set” is the first choice for no brains, 11 pieces trigger full attack

The “Epic Simulator” event is positioned as an on-hook mini-game. The reward items are relatively generous. You can spend 16 optional epic equipment for free, and at the same time dress up the snowman + the magic home hat. But the characters in the mini-games and the equipment matching are also very important, and the “enchanting sets” have become popular.

Top pick for the Epic Simulator event “Enchanting Set”

For epic simulator activities, character attributes = equipment attributes + suit attributes provided by the tag, and for epic equipment in mini-games, brainless “enchanting sets” are recommended. why? Because of this set, each part has an enchantment tag! In the “Personal Information” column, it has clearly told you that the corresponding attack power will be increased according to the number of equipment that matches the label.


You need to know here that a tag increases 5 attack, then when 11 enchanted sets are collected, the attack power can increase by 55 points. However, the only disadvantage is that the enchanting set has a single attribute, and the attack is only 2 points, which is a bit low, but the enchanting set has attack speed and crit, which is still very good.


Where can enchantment sets be dropped? It is recommended to swipe the “Cradle of the King” area first, and you can get 5 pieces of enchanted equipment. When you get all of them, it is estimated that the number of “mini omen crystals” is almost the same, and you can exchange them to make up. Of course, other white map areas can also drop enchantment sets, but in terms of quantity, they are not as high as the Cradle of Kings.


Not just the enchantment effect tag

In this epic simulator event, not only the enchantment effect tag, but also the increase of skill attack power, recovery of HP, recovery of MP, etc., all 11 parts can be collected. That is to say, when you are playing epic simulator activities, it is also possible to have a complete set of skill attack power increase tags. The reason why the enchanting set is the first choice is mainly because it is simple and rude, and it does not require any brains.


As shown in the picture, the mini-game “Personal Information” shows that the 11 pieces of equipment worn all contain a skill attack power increase tag, and the set effect of the tag gives 55 attack power. It can be seen from this that it does not mean that you must get an enchanted set, it depends on the equipment you drop in the epic simulator!


For example, the basic proficiency set, several core parts, the attack is +20, and the dragon hunter, etc., these are combined together, and the damage is relatively powerful. The equipment matching in the mini-game is not mindless, and requires certain skills, so as to achieve the highest clearance efficiency.


It should be noted here that there is no way to remove the equipment that has been worn on the body, but you can right-click on the same part of the equipment in the backpack to replace it. The “feeding” rule in the mini-game is the same as the real game, the same equipment is perfectly fed. Remember, you must turn on the “Fatigue Value Burning buff” when you go online. It can give you 10 times the explosion rate in 2 hours, which is equivalent to hanging up for 20 hours without taking medicine! At the same time, on Friday night, don’t hang up all night, otherwise, there will be a bug, and the number of legions has not been refreshed, which will be very bad.

Personal summary

This “Epic Simulator” mini-game is equivalent to “I play DNF in DNF”, but fortunately it’s just a simple hang-up game, the plan has been designed long ago, play normally for 2 hours, just buy a burning buff, no Need to be too liver. Without the buff effect, the probability of exploding epics is extremely low, and some of the gains outweigh the gains. And the epic of the mechanical god of war can be exchanged with mini omen crystals, in the form of packaging coupons, and finally obtained by mail. Ordinary dungeon + advanced dungeon epic, in this event, you can get a total of 16 pieces, which is so comfortable!