DNF: 11.10 Ending Event Summary! The gift of kindness has a magical effect, don’t give it the platinum badge indiscriminately

With the continuous progress of the golden autumn version, the launch of version 11.10 is getting closer and closer! In version 11.10, there will be an event called Miracle Sewing Machine, and 4 events will also end at the same time, including the gift for adventurers, the classic pocket pot of the earthen pot, the upgrade to accelerate the battle, and the sign for receipt. Seaman plays and explores. So in these four events that are about to end, what should players pay attention to?

11.10 Summary of closing activities

First of all, the gift for adventurers is the most powerful event in this golden autumn version. The event not only presents 105 epics, 16 splendid badges, 12 attribute transfer tickets, and 3000 golden beryl. The first two props can help players quickly form a trumpet. Of course, if the player does not want to practice trumpet, they can also check the gaps and fill the gaps. The splendid badge can be upgraded to Linglong. MP sets, attack speed sets, will rise in the Bakar version later.

This time, there are 2 props on the shelves of the classic pocket jar of the earthen pot, which are the tradable dream platinum badge, and the exquisite badge optional gift box tied to the account. The dream platinum badge gift box is currently 9000W, and the price is slightly expensive. If you want to buy a platinum badge to make a change/ badge graduation, it is not recommended to buy it. During the Spring Festival version, you can buy it at about 5000W . Players who want to graduate the Halo Linglong badge by opening the magic box can open dozens of them to test the water, but don’t go to it, the opening probability is only 0.25%, which is not high.

Upgrade acceleration is an activity to help players level up quickly. The activity not only adds a mythical optional gift box, +12 forge 8 weapons, but also presents a transitional epic. Players who want to practice a trumpet again, this is a very good activity, level up It takes less than 3 hours to reach the full level, and you can also get costumes, medals, and tickets to help you quickly build. Players who don’t want to practice a trumpet can get +12 forging as long as they designate a character above level 100 and below level 110. 8 weapons, you can build a small moving brick, or rush 13.

Hand in hand with Seaman to play and explore is an activity for quest upgrade benefits. During the event, players can get 5 powerful buffs to help players encounter Gabriel, cracks, epics, and at the same time increase the drop rate of epics and the highest increase in epics Level 5 entry, other benefits are also very good, there are 1 golden book, 2 transfer coupons, 3 +7 booster forgings, transitional enchanting orbs, and after reaching level 50, you will get a dream platinum badge gift box, For the Dream Platinum Badge Gift Box, it is recommended to choose the dressing buff first, and the output buff second.

【Personal summary】

In general, these are the 4 events that will end in version 11.10. Although there are not many events to end, there are still quite a few things to pay attention to! The props given by the gift can be used according to the needs, and can be carried out at the same time as the upgrade and accelerated combat activities to quickly form a trumpet. If you don’t want to practice the trumpet, you can check the gaps and fill the gaps, and upgrade the splendor of the character to exquisite.

The platinum badge of the earthen pot is currently too expensive at 9000W. It is recommended to wait for the new year to buy it. Linglong does not recommend opening it. The probability of opening is too low. The upgrade activity depends on the player’s own needs. Xiaoxian did not train a new character, but used it to rush 13 weapons. Seaman enjoys exploring the platinum, it is recommended to choose the dressing buff first, so that the dressing buff can reach the full level, so that the improvement will be greater, and it will be easier to join the group.