Discuss, should the mage let the jungler eat the line? Don’t let it be a sign of a lack of understanding of the game

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The 7th anniversary of the Glory of Kings has begun. On the 29th, you can add stars to the top score! For those of you who haven’t reached the king rank, you should seize this rare opportunity!

But then again, what about being able to add stars? Gotta win the game! If it is a single row, what hero should you want to use to increase the score! For those players who like to play mid lane, they will face a very embarrassing question, that is, should mid lane mage give up the line to the jungler?

In this issue, let’s discuss whether the mid lane mages should let the line feed the jungler! I believe that many players will encounter such a situation in the game! When you went to support your teammates, you were rushing back to take the line. At this time, I found out that my jungler appeared in the middle, without saying a word, and without waiting for you to come, I just ate this wave of soldiers!

What do you do when you encounter this problem? Is it to swallow it up, or to refute it? If you swallow your voice, you will feel unhappy in your heart, and you will not want to play; if you refute, your teammates may refute it, or even quarrel because of this, which will ultimately affect the game!

In the S29 season, due to some adjustments, the mid laner has become very passive! Originally, the support hero would help the mid laner clear the line at the beginning, but due to the adjustment of the jungler, many side heroes were punished. Therefore, the support hero will go to the side hero to take the opponent’s blood!

In this case, the mid laner will have to rely on himself to clear the line! In addition, the appearance time of the spirit of the river has been changed to 30 seconds, so it is impossible for the mid-lane mage to go to the sidewalk immediately after clearing the line, because he needs to snatch the spirit of the river!

If you give up the spirit of the river to support the flank, you may delay a little more time in the fight, and the return line is a little late, but you can still arrive within the range of the first soldier in the line and the experience and money. Obviously, the Mage will not miss the experience and money. As a result, the jungler arrived in the middle line early, and he had to use his skills to clear the line quickly, causing the Mage to return to the center line and directly punish him.

This kind of thing, I believe everyone will encounter it often, and it must be very uncomfortable! The lineup that can be eaten together, the jungler just doesn’t give the mid laner. Does the mid laner really have no sense of existence?

In fact, in the S29 season, the economy of the wild area has been greatly improved, and the economy of hunting wild monsters will not be less than eating soldiers. And it will also be able to rise to level 4 in more than 1 minute, there is absolutely no need to go to the middle to eat the mid lane alone.

To put it bluntly, even the mid laner is going to support his teammates, and you don’t look for the rhythm in the jungle, and you are thinking about the lane of the mid laner. This approach is really inauthentic! Many big god anchors are teaching players, and they would rather not support, but also eat the middle route. The reason is that the jungler is not going to support, so what are you doing in the middle.

Of course, if the army line has entered the range of the defense tower attack, there is no problem in taking the army line, you can’t waste this wave of soldiers; you have communicated with the mid laner in advance, and there is no problem!

The problem is that everyone’s mid laners have already arrived, and the army line has not entered the range of the defense tower, but you are not willing to wait for these 2-3 seconds. A set of skills eats up the army line, is this right? Dear friends, let’s discuss, should the mage let the jungler eat the line? If you don’t let them eat, is it a sign of a lack of understanding of the game?