Dinner is the key to determining weight and longevity. I will not eat the following 5 foods!

A health expert in the United States said: “A quarter of a meal can keep a person alive, and three-quarters of a meal can make a doctor’s money.”

Recently, scientists have discovered that the causes of many diseases are related to poor eating habits at night.

1. Dinner and obesity

According to the survey, 90% of obese patients are due to eating too full for dinner, coupled with less activity at night and less energy consumption, excess calories in the body will produce a lot of fat, which leads to obesity.

In life, many people are dieting to lose weight, often ignoring the importance of dieting, skipping breakfast and lunch, and eating a big meal in the evening, the result is getting lighter and lighter.

2. Dinner and diabetes

If you eat too much, it will cause the secretion of insulin, which will increase the burden on the pancreatic islets, accelerate aging, and cause diabetes.

At the same time, obesity can also induce diabetes.

3. Dinner and bowel cancer

If you eat too much dinner, the protein food cannot be completely digested, and under the influence of intestinal microorganisms, toxins will be produced; at the same time, due to the small amount of activity and entering a sleep state, the peristalsis of the intestinal wall will slow down, and the time for toxins to stay in the intestinal tract will be slowed down. longer, thereby increasing the risk of bowel cancer.

4. Dinner and urolithiasis

The peak of calcium excretion is 4-5 hours after dinner. If the dinner time is too long, when the peak of calcium excretion occurs, you will generally fall asleep.

In this way, urine will accumulate in the urethra, ureter, bladder, urethra, etc., and cannot be discharged in time, resulting in more and more calcium content in the urine, which will eventually accumulate into stones.

5. Dinner and Hyperlipidemia

If you eat high-protein, high-fat, and high-calorie foods at meals, it will lead to the production of high-density lipoprotein, resulting in high blood lipids.

6. Dinner and high blood pressure

If you eat meat for dinner and the blood flow is slow, then a large amount of blood lipids will accumulate on the blood vessel wall, which will lead to the contraction of arterioles and arterioles, increase the surrounding vascular resistance, and cause blood pressure to rise. This accelerates the hardening of arterioles.

7. Dinner and atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease

If the food in dinner is biased towards high fat and high calorie, it will lead to the increase of cholesterol, which will accumulate on the arterial wall, leading to arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease; in addition, the deposition of calcium on the blood vessel wall is the main cause of atherosclerosis reason.

Therefore, a hearty dinner, a hearty meal, a hearty meal, and a dinner that is too late are all important factors that lead to cardiovascular disease.

8. Dinner and fatty liver

If dinner is too full, blood sugar and fatty acids will speed up the production of fat, coupled with less exercise at night, it is easy to cause fatty liver.

9. Dinner and acute pancreatitis

Eating too much dinner and drinking too much can easily lead to acute pancreatitis, severe shock and sudden death.

10. Dinner and Alzheimer’s

If you eat too much for a long time, it will lead to the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs, resulting in insufficient rest for the brain, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in accelerated metabolism of the brain.

According to statistics, people who eat well when they are young have a 20% chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

11. Dinner and sleep quality

Eating too much dinner will cause the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs to continue to work when they are sleeping, transmitting information to the brain, so that their brains are always in a state of excitement, which leads to insomnia, hyperactivity Dream.

If it takes a long time, it will also lead to some diseases, such as neurasthenia.

Today, most people only have enough time to enjoy a good meal at night, and dinner is often the best.

5 unhealthy dinners

1. Too much processed meat

Barbecue is the main food of many “carnivores”, but if you eat too much red sausage and barbecue at night, it will not only be malnourished, but also have a certain impact on digestion.

In addition, at dinner, meat dominates and vegetables are insufficient, which can easily lead to obesity and even increase the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and other cancers. Therefore, at dinner, try not to eat barbecue, try to use less oil and less salt, such as stewing, stewing, stewing, etc.

2. Excessive drinking

Alcohol can change the nervous system from hyperactivity to extreme depression and even impair normal neurological function.

The concentration of beer is lower than that of white wine, but after entering the stomach, it will cause the secretion of prostaglandin E in the stomach wall, resulting in gastric mucosal congestion and edema, resulting in loss of appetite and upper abdominal distention. If it is mixed with wine, it will be even more terrifying, because it will spread the alcohol in the body and cause damage to the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys and other organs. Some people will get drunk at night and easily fall asleep. When an accident happens.

3. Don’t eat dinner

In the weight loss world, “no food in the afternoon” is very popular, not only does this diet not lose weight, but it can also cause harm to the body. It takes 4-6 hours for the food in the stomach to be excreted. After digestion, gastric acid will continue to be produced in the stomach. Without food neutralization, it will lead to long-term corrosion of gastric acid.

Especially for people who work overtime, because they consume a lot of energy, skipping dinner will keep their nerves in a state of excitement and cannot get enough rest, thus affecting their work and study.

4. Too spicy

There are two bad things about eating spicy food for dinner:

First, chili, prickly ash, pepper, garlic, ginger and other ingredients have great harm to the stomach;

The second is because the irritating substances such as capsaicin contained in peppers will stimulate the human tongue, which will lead to the central nervous system of the brain and nerve endings in other parts, resulting in rapid heartbeat, increased body temperature, and high spirits, resulting in poor sleep quality.

Therefore, for people with stomatitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, peptic ulcer, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, hypertension and other diseases, spicy is a minefield for dinner

5. Desserts make the waistline thicker

Desserts are mainly high-starch, high-fat foods such as biscuits, cheesecakes, chocolate biscuits, etc.

Consuming too much sugar and fat at night is much less than the amount of exercise during the day, which is easy to lead to obesity; the refined sugar will consume vitamins and minerals during the metabolism of the body. If you eat refined sugar for a long time, it will lead to vitamin, Calcium and potassium deficiency.

How to create a healthy dinner

First, eat dinner until you are seven minutes full

The so-called seven-point fullness means that the stomach is not full, but the enthusiasm for food has decreased, and the frequency of eating has also decreased, but it will continue to eat.

When you eat 70%, put down your chopsticks in time. At dinner, use small plates and bowls to help you control your appetite. Do not watch TV while eating, half-hearted, it is easy to eat too much.

If you want to lose weight better, diet is a very important aspect. Controlling diet does not mean blindly dieting, but needs to achieve low calorie, high metabolism, and high satiety. Generally speaking, high-fiber foods are low in calories. Foods such as chia seeds and konjac flour are recommended. While reducing calories, it can also enhance satiety, while fruit and vegetable enzymes, angelica, sea buckthorn, compound probiotics and other substances can help intestinal peristalsis, accelerate metabolism, and reduce fat accumulation. It can also be supplemented daily. If it is more troublesome to supplement alone, Guheqingyuan can be used directly, which can directly meet the above three requirements.

Second, dinner should be light

Many people who go to work do not have time to eat good food during the day, and the more they eat at night, the more detrimental they are to their health. Congee and cold salad are good, you can eat less meat, but fish and lean meat are best.

Third, pay attention to nutritional supplements at dinner

Dinner is the best time to “check for leaks” to supplement the nutrition of the day. For example, you can’t eat whole grains for breakfast and lunch. You can steam some sweet potatoes, pumpkins, multi-grain porridge and other things, but you should be careful not to overeat and drink, and supplement them appropriately.

Fourth, don’t be too late for dinner

According to the rhythm of modern life, dinner is best between 5:00 and 7:00 in the afternoon, so as to ensure that meals are eaten on time every day. Dinner time is too late, it will increase the burden on the stomach and affect your sleep.

People who work have to work overtime and have to eat before going to work.

Fifth, it is best to have less entertainment at dinner

Chinese people have the habit of gathering at night. If they can’t refuse, they can take a small bite of each dish on the plate and then stop eating, or put down the chopsticks when eating, which can reduce the intake of food.