“Diamond mutation, ten years of sharpening a sword” new book launch held

Central Broadcasting Network Beijing, October 29, News Lung cancer is the malignant tumor with the highest morbidity and mortality in the world, accounting for 11.6% and 18.4% of all tumors, respectively. This year, the book “Diamond Mutation, Sharpening a Sword in Ten Years: 10-Year Survival Record of ALK or ROS1 Positive Advanced Lung Cancer Patients” edited by Professor Yang Jinji of Guangdong Lung Cancer Research Institute was officially launched. , 13 patients with advanced lung cancer and their doctors together recount years of hardships. At the same time, the standard treatment flow chart of each story and related popular science introductions are attached to the book, so that readers can better understand the prevention and treatment process of NSCLC, and relevant academic articles are added to provide professional readers with the latest academic information.

On October 29, 2022, the launch of the new book “Diamond Mutation, Sharpening a Sword in Ten Years” was held at the Jumeirah Hotel in Guangzhou. At the press conference, Ms. Wang Yiqin, General Manager of Pfizer China Oncology Division, Zhou Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Sun Yu, President of Tsinghua University Press, Zhang Yanping, Executive President of Physician Daily, Professor Yang Jinji of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and other experts and leaders attended and delivered speeches. .

The scene of the press conference (photo provided by the company, issued by China Central Broadcasting Corporation)

Cancer treatment and rehabilitation is a complex and long process. Hospitals have become the most frequented places for patients, and medical staff have become the most familiar strangers. The book describes in detail a number of patients with advanced lung cancer who have taken courage and hope from the “bold from the blue” at the initial diagnosis and the depression of initial treatment failure, to trust, cooperation and compliance with doctors, and have gone through a difficult path from darkness to light. the way. A vivid and touching story, inspiring and even more moving. Doctors and patients have become inseparable “comrades-in-arms” in the trenches against the common “enemy”.

At the press conference that day, Professor Yang Jinji, Professor Chen Huajun, Professor Zhou Jianying, Professor Zhang Yongchang, and Professor Cui Jinghua shared the story of the creation of the new book. Through the sharing of experts and scholars, we learned that thanks to the rapid progress of lung cancer driver gene theory and precision therapy, more and more advanced lung cancer patients with positive driver genes (such as EGFR gene mutation, ALK or ROS1 gene fusion) have a tumor-bearing survival of more than In 5 years, the dream of turning advanced lung cancer into a “chronic disease” has been realized.

Every story in this book is to condense the concept of “people first, life first” into every bit of harmony between doctors and patients and between doctors to overcome difficulties together. “Every patient who has overcome obstacles and waves on the road to fighting cancer is the creator of a great miracle of life.

Yang Jinji said that this book tells about patients with advanced lung cancer with positive ALK or ROS1 fusion gene, who challenged life adversity and lived for more than 10 years. Traditional treatment (chemotherapy and multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment) in the standard diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and modern precision treatment seamlessly cooperate; Physicians have conducted translational research on which ALK or ROS1 fusion genes are positive for lung cancer.

At the same time, in the face of cruel lung cancer, as a patient, the real belief is not only in the doctor, in the family’s not abandoning, not giving up, but in the self-confidence. When we face tumors, face recurrence, and face no medicine available, we all need to believe in ourselves. Cancer makes people hopeless, but the power of belief gives them hope.

At the press conference, two cancer patients now tell their stories about their anti-cancer experiences. Their personal experiences have once again confirmed the tenacity of vitality, and at the same time, they have also infected cancer patients like them, increasing their confidence in fighting against the disease.

The content of the whole work is detailed, delicate and complete. I hope that the listing of this book will not only allow you to appreciate the personal charm shown in the anti-cancer history of advanced patients, but also give clinical doctors a little bit of “chronic disease management” for advanced lung cancer. ”, and at the same time, it is also a common revelation to his life, work and growth.

At present, the era of cancer discoloration has come to an end, and we have entered the era of “surviving with cancer”. We believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology and the return and sublimation of medical humanistic value, the dawn of overcoming cancer has appeared, and the goal of long-term survival of cancer patients in the 2050 Healthy China Plan will not be far away.