“Diablo: Immortal” x Burger King x Meituan Halloween linkage opens tomorrow

“Diablo: Immortal” x Burger King x Meituan Halloween linkage opens tomorrow

The “big pineapple” in the hearts of countless Diablo fans is here! “Diablo: Immortal” unites Burger King and Meituan to “play stalks” to do big things, lead the vast number of adventurers to eat “fort” without tricking, and have fun on Halloween!

From 0:00 on October 28th, Burger King stores nationwide will launch three Halloween-limited Pineapple Whopper Diablo series packages, and also prepare a wealth of online and offline interactive surprises to bring fans to win the game-limited peripherals, and send Halloween Diablo Great gift!

The “Big Pineapple” joint package is here

The name “Big Pineapple” has a long history. This delicious tropical fruit was originally unrelated to the “Diablo” series. However, due to the original English name of “Diablo”, Chinese players According to the transliteration, it is called “big pineapple”! As a result, a large-scale game full of dark style has become a kind and lovely “big pineapple”!

It’s Halloween, and Diablo: Immortal offers a sincere flavor of Sanctuary!

This time, the “Diablo: Immortal” x Burger King joint package returns to the fire-roasted Pineapple Whopper, which has always been popular with consumers! The blessing of “Dark Pineapple” IP adds to the unique flavor of Halloween!

From 0:00 on October 28th, three dark surprise packages will be launched: [Fire-roasted Big Pineapple King’s Castle Set], [Fire-roasted Big Pineapple Chicken Leg King’s Set] and [Fire-roasted Big Pineapple Dinner for Two]! Adventurers can not only taste the unique flavors of a unique sanctuary, but also experience a warm tropical feel this fall and winter. With such delicious food, I believe that the Halloween adventure of all adventurers must be unique!

Dark Halloween season, I’m sure to eat this “spin”

It is worth mentioning that from October 28, 2022 to November 10, 2022, there will be three “Diablo: Immortal” linked theme stores in the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and there will be a number of Halloween. Themed fun activities.

Adventurers can place an order through the Burger King online store of Meituan Takeaway to get the Big Pineapple Linked Package and experience the “big pineapple” burger flavor from the Sanctuary!

Limited gifts, surprise buff blessing

On a cold Halloween night, a “fire-roasted pineapple” Whopper meal will give adventurers the energy and courage to meet new challenges! Not only that, but there is also a Halloween gift package buff blessing to help adventurers sweep away all evil and darkness!

During the event, if you place an order through [Meituan Takeaway] to buy a Burger King co-branded package, you will not only have the chance to win Burger King’s surprise gifts, but also a “Diablo: Immortal” fan package, a Diablo Pineapple Halloween Happy Package, and limited peripherals. Gifts await adventurers to unlock!

Halloween is approaching, and the dark tide of Sanctuary is rolling in. Adventurers, bring your brave and fearless heart and join the “Diablo: Immortal” mobile game Halloween adventure with “Big Pineapple”!

About Diablo: Immortal

The 2022 flagship masterpiece “Diablo: Immortal”, jointly developed by NetEase and Blizzard Entertainment, is a brand-new mobile game of the Diablo series, which perfectly restores the essence of the IP, inherits the classic Diablo painting style and magnificent world view, and reproduces the smooth combat experience and immersive experience. Fun to explore. On the road of adventure, you and other adventurers are enemies and friends, or gather to challenge dangerous dungeons, or compete for the supreme honor of “immortal”. When the World Stone falls apart, when Westmarch is bleak, you are the last hope!