“Diablo: Immortal” Halloween win limited-time surprise, new “Quicksand” season will start

“Diablo: Immortal” Halloween win limited-time surprise, new “Quicksand” season will start

“Diablo: Immortal” has since officially landed on the national server, and has won praise from a large number of players for its sincerity and unique gothic aesthetics for the ultimate restoration of Diablo’s classic IP. In just half a year, a “dark” upsurge has been set off in China. After the release of the new big version “Dark Night Lonely Castle” on September 28, it pushed the blood of adventurers to a climax!

This time, riding on the weird trend of Halloween, the Halloween limited-time event surprise is in progress, bringing a unique dark charm with the costume of [Dance of the Night]! There is also a new season of “Quicksand” which will be launched after the update on October 27th!

[Halloween Eve, Fairies and Secret Realms, the event is open for a limited time]

The dark and gloomy night, the wind howling wantonly, this is Halloween in the Sanctuary, this is the prelude to the opening of the door to the abyss. Here, a carnival belonging to goblins and elite monsters is about to begin! This will also become a battlefield for adventurers to sway their blood!

From 3:00 on October 19, 2022 to 2:59 on November 2, 2022, the Halloween limited-time event surprise is in progress!

During the event, adventurers only need to defeat the corresponding number of goblins and elite monsters, and at the same time complete the immortal secret realm challenge to receive rich rewards! After completing multiple event tasks, not only will there be enhanced immortal keystones and Halloween-themed avatar frames , Halloween-themed emoticons and other rich rewards, you can also win a limited-time item – Exorcism Mask (helmet)!

Of course, there is no shortage of trick-or-treating ghosts on Halloween! Adventurers can ask Halloween witches or friends for a deathrattle sigh every day (only once a day), and if a friend refuses, they can also become a trick-or-treating expert (effective in the safe area)!

[“Quicksand” season is coming, return to the road of ancestors]

Do not forget, the light of the ancestors!

On October 27th at 3am, Path of the Ancestors – Quicksands will be updated soon! Kick off a brand new season of Diablo: Immortal!

Adventurers only need to complete the Path of Ancestor Challenge as required, and after successfully obtaining the mark and reaching a certain level, the corresponding rewards can be unlocked. In addition to [Immortal Keystone], [Enhanced Immortal Keystone], and [Honor Coin], the new season’s new costume [Under the Quicksand] will also be launched simultaneously, waiting for you to get it! There are also legendary gems and legendary equipment!

This is a testament to strength and a reward for the brave!

[New fashion night dance music, surprise appearance]

The waltz melodious, the knight’s mask shone with silver, and the prelude to the mysterious masked ball of Sanctuary played. In the dim candlelight of the ancient castle, gorgeousness and decay are intertwined, forming a picture of Gothic aesthetics.

The new fashion [Dance of the Night] has been launched on October 12, bringing an unparalleled visual feast to adventurers.

The fashion not only highlights the elements of the dance party, but also implements three-dimensional tailoring, and at the same time adapts to various occupations, showing the unique beauty of the fusion of Chinese clothing and strong clothing!

The overall fashion is mainly silver and white, with bright metallic colors showing a luxurious high profile, with black leather, the tough lines are elegant and firm.

Adventurers, let’s step into the Sanctuary, start a new adventure, win tons of gifts, and welcome the surprise of Halloween!

About Diablo: Immortal

The 2022 flagship masterpiece “Diablo: Immortal”, jointly developed by NetEase and Blizzard Entertainment, is a brand-new mobile game of the Diablo series, which perfectly restores the essence of the IP, inherits the classic Diablo painting style and magnificent world view, and reproduces the smooth combat experience and immersive experience. Fun to explore. On the road of adventure, you and other adventurers are enemies and friends, or gather to challenge dangerous dungeons, or compete for the supreme honor of “immortal”. When the World Stone falls apart, when Westma is bleak, you are the last hope!