Development through innovation is the magic weapon for Haval to become the king of SUVs

For a long time in the past, the price of 200,000 yuan was almost an insurmountable gap for all Chinese brand models. In that era of joint venture brands dividing up the market, Chinese brands seem to have no day to turn around. But in 2014, Haval, which has a certain right to speak in the SUV market, chose to attack the higher-end market and launched a hardcore off-road product – Haval H9. Aiming at the top players in the off-road circle.

As it grows bigger and bigger, the story of the H9 team and Haval H9 continues

After the launch of Haval H9, it has become a new favorite in the domestic off-road circle with its professional off-road genes. With his crazy love for off-road, Lao Jiu, the national captain of the H9 Team, has made more people fall in love with off-road. After 7 years, the H-Nine Brigade has 34 branches across the country, with more than 20,000 riders, making it the largest riders’ association for a single model in China.

Why is the H9 team able to develop so rapidly? The first reason is that the composition of the members of the Cheyou Club is very different from other models. Because for the vast majority of other car clubs, in addition to the same models purchased, everyone’s preferences and personalities are not exactly the same, so it is difficult for everyone to play together for a long time, and it is even more difficult to grow.

But car owners who choose Haval H9 have a lot in common, for example, they all have the same hobby: love off-road. At the same time, he also has a dare to challenge and a positive attitude towards life. The same hobbies and attitudes towards life enable them to gather together with Haval H9 as a link. Of course, Haval H9 will not disappoint everyone. The strong power, non-load-bearing chassis, front/rear differential lock + center differential hard-core combination can take you anywhere you want to go. Therefore, on the way to cross mountains, valleys, desert grasslands, experience off-road life, enjoy freedom and love, Haval H9 is always indispensable. Haval H9 has naturally become a symbol of Chinese off-road culture.

In the award ceremony of “58 Auto×JDPOWER丨Jundi 2022 Red Sandalwood Award – China’s Auto Value Retention Rate List”, Haval H9’s three-year value retention rate was once again awarded the honor of “No. 1 in Chinese Brand Medium and Large SUVs” for four consecutive years. Year winner. We all know that the value preservation rate is the most intuitive reflection of the comprehensive value of a car. Obviously, the excellent Haval H9 has lived up to expectations.

Transforming into a user-oriented enterprise is the secret of Haval becoming the king of SUVs

In fact, not only the H9 is sought after in the off-road circle, but all models under the Haval brand can be regarded as benchmarks at the same level. They have even been exported to more than 60 overseas countries and ranked first among Chinese brands in export volume in more than 30 countries. name. In the domestic market, the cumulative sales volume of 7.5 million units and the top SUV sales in China for 11 consecutive years is the supreme honor of the Haval brand. So why is the Haval brand able to achieve great success in the SUV field?

As the old saying goes, “there are specialties in the surgery industry”, and it is clear that the Haval brand is well versed in this. After all, it is one of the few car brands that focuses on SUV products. It is precisely by virtue of this dedication and persistence, and relying on the global R&D technology innovation system of the Haval brand of “seven countries and ten places”, Haval has a profound technical accumulation in the SUV field and R & D capabilities.

Even so, it is not easy to create many explosive products. Because in different SUV segments, the needs of consumers are very different. Therefore, in order to further dig deeper and meet the needs of consumers, Haval decided to transform into a user-oriented enterprise, enter the era of organizational structure 3.0, and achieve one car, one brand and one company.

In fact, the most fundamental change is from product-oriented to user-oriented. The most intuitive example is that after digging deep into the needs and spiritual contacts of young people, Haval launched a “3/4 scale car” with better off-road performance than ordinary urban SUVs – Haval Big Dog.

From the design to the positioning of this car, it will continue to be “set up” according to the needs of young people, and when it is finally named, Haval has directly handed the naming rights to the users, whether it is the model name “Big Dog” , or the names of the four models with different configurations, “Horse Dog Edition, Border Shepherd Edition, Labrador Edition, and Husky Edition”, all of which were voted by users around the world. In order to further satisfy consumers’ pursuit of youthfulness and personalization, Haval Dog has also added a hunting version. Obviously, for the actively transforming Haval brand, “user-centric” is by no means just talk. After all, looking at the entire automotive industry, from the beginning of research and development to the final naming of brands that can allow users to participate in it, who else but Haval?

In this mode of co-creation with users, Haval and users have truly come together, which not only makes it easier to understand the real diversified car needs of users, but also enables Haval to quickly fission out users based on its profound heritage and R&D strength Favorite “ideal car”. Not only the new model is fast, but it can also directly poke into the hearts of users, making it an instant hit when it is launched. Therefore, Haval’s user co-creation model has become a kind of conscience circle, which truly achieves the two-way flow between the brand and the user, and achieves a win-win situation.

Developing through innovation and change, Haval comprehensively transforms into new energy

It is not difficult to see that the key to the Haval brand becoming the leader of SUVs is to constantly break through itself, persist in innovation, and continue to create products that meet the needs of users. So in the face of the rolling wave of electrification, can Haval successfully complete the leap from an SUV leader to a new energy SUV expert? The answer is yes, because Haval has already made preparations, and the Lemon Hybrid DHT technology is the most powerful embodiment.

So what should an excellent hybrid system look like in everyone’s mind? Is it the ultimate fuel-efficient and reliable like Toyota Hybrid? Or does it have better power performance than a fuel car like a Honda hybrid? Obviously, the Lemon Hybrid DHT technology does not do multiple-choice questions, and users have everything they want!

First of all, from a structural point of view, Lemon Hybrid DHT technology has two structures of HEV and PHEV, three sets of powertrains, and the total system power ranges from 140kW to 355kW, which can support flexible matching of models of different levels, and users can also combine their own vehicles. The choice is made according to the needs and whether it has the charging conditions, and the choice is fully handed over to the user.

From the perspective of experience, Lemon Hybrid DHT technology has also achieved everything, it pays great attention to efficient oil-electric synergy, and can realize various working modes such as EV driving, series drive, parallel drive, engine direct drive, and energy recovery. , Take Haval H6 DHT PHEV, even in the feed mode, it can still get lower fuel consumption. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of WLTC is only 5.6L, which fully reflects the energy consumption advantages of hybrid vehicles.

Under the dual support of the motor and engine, the comprehensive system power of Haval H6 DHT-PHEV has reached 240 kW, the maximum torque is 530 Nm, and it only takes 7.8 seconds to accelerate from 100 km to 100 km. It is also proud of its excellent performance. Advantage, Lemon Hybrid DHT technology proves that it can have both fish and bear’s paw with its strength. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that “full speed range & full scene, high efficiency & high performance” has long been the highlight of Lemon Hybrid DHT technology.

With more than ten years of car manufacturing experience, Great Wall Motors has become the first Chinese car company to release a new generation of hybrid systems in China, and has achieved the pinnacle of its debut. Lemon Hybrid DHT technology has once again achieved outstanding strength and balanced performance in all aspects. The reflected Haval brand leads the leap-forward evolution of Chinese SUVs to new energy, and comprehensively transforms into new energy. As an expert in new energy SUVs, it is determined and confident to start the journey again. Obviously in the new energy era, you can still trust Haval.