Detailed description of disposable medical isolation gown

An epidemic has made disposable medical isolation gowns frequently appear on the screen and in life, and people are familiar with it from the beginning to the present. However, even if they are familiar with it, many people’s perception of it may still be that it is a product that blocks the spread of viruses. Today we will talk about disposable medical isolation gowns in detail.

First of all, let’s understand what is a disposable medical isolation gown, which is a disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical staff when they come into contact with patients with infectious diseases of Class A or managed according to Class A infectious diseases. Waterproof, antistatic, filtration efficiency and no skin irritation, easy to put on and take off, tight joints, cuffs and ankles are generally elastic.

Although most of the disposable medical isolation gowns are medical, in fact, their use scenarios are not limited to medical use, and can also be used in many factories, public environments, etc., especially after the epidemic is over.

Disposable medical isolation gowns are made of PE film and non-woven fabrics, including caps, tops, trousers and shoe covers. They can cover the head, torso, hands and legs and cover the whole body from head to toe. The method is not complicated either.

Before wearing a disposable medical isolation gown, be sure to check its integrity. If it is found to be damaged or damaged, do not use it, otherwise it will not be able to play a protective role. In addition, disposable medical isolation gowns must not be reused, and should be disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations after use.

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