Desperate Renata! JDG’s life and death situation collapsed, T1 advanced to the final

On October 30, 2022, Beijing time, the S12 global finals ushered in the semi-final Bo5 showdown between JDG and T1! The following is the battle report of the fourth round of Bo5!

BP of both parties

JDG: Piggy, Belvis, Silas, Jhin, Karma

T1: Cask, Foyego, Tsar, Varus, Renata

Not long after the game started, the two sides broke out in a 2V2 team battle in the bottom lane. With Keria’s control, T1 successfully won Missing Karma’s “first blood” and completed the line kill.

About 7 minutes into the game time, 369 Zhumei walked to the bottom of the road and helped JDG double road to win the “head” of Keria Renata. This wave of support from 369 made people cry. About 9 minutes into the game time, JDG and T1 broke out in a 5V5 team battle at Canyon Pioneer. With Keria Renata’s R flash, T1 played a 2-for-3 team battle. Fortunately, JDG successfully got the canyon pioneer.

In 14 minutes, the T1 duo suddenly exerted force, Gumayusi and Keria completed the “line kill” and successfully “killed” Jhin of Hope and Karma of Missing. Afterwards, JDG successfully “killed” Faker in the middle, but was released by Czar Faker, and T1 completed the counterattack. In this wave of team battles in the middle, T1 played 1 for 3. JDG is at a disadvantage.

The game time was about 16 minutes, and T1 and JDG broke out in the canyon pioneer team battle. With better performance, T1 played a perfect 0-for-4 team battle. Immediately afterwards, JDG and T1 broke out a 5V5 team battle in the middle. T1 played a 1-for-5 team battle to expand their advantages again, and JDG gradually collapsed.

In the 19 minutes of the game, JDG and T1 broke out in a team battle again in the bottom lane. T1 once again played a 0-for-4 perfect team battle with Keria Renata’s excellent performance. After that, T1 easily won Dalong, and the economic gap between the two sides gradually came to around 10,000.

About 22 minutes into the game, a team battle broke out between JDG and T1 again. Although JDG successfully “killed” Faker’s Tsar, T1 played a 1-for-5 team-killing team battle, and the economy of both sides came to an exaggerated 1W2.

The game took 24 minutes, and T1 won the Water Dragon Soul. With the huge economic advantage and the Water Dragon Soul Buff, T1 easily defeated JDG, won the final victory in the semi-finals, and successfully advanced to the final.