DeRozan enters the 20,000-point club! 50th in history 10th in active duty

  On October 29th, Beijing time, in the NBA regular season, the Bulls played against the Spurs away. Bulls star DeMar DeRozan crossed the 20,000-point milestone to become the 50th player in NBA history to score at least 2,000 career points.

  Before this game, DeRozan’s career score had reached 19,993 points. In the first quarter of the game, at 5 minutes and 42 seconds, DeRozan made a mid-range shot and officially entered the 20,000-point club.

  DeRo agrees to be the 50th player in NBA history to score more than 20,000 points in his career and the 10th active player.

  After DeRozan completed the passing moment, Spurs coach Popovich immediately called a timeout, allowing DeRozan to enjoy the moment and accept cheers and congratulations from fans. After that, DeRozan also stepped forward and hugged Popovich to thank him.

  (Xu Chu)

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