Deloitte: China’s electric vehicle market share will further increase

Beijing News Shell Finance News On October 28, the consulting firm Deloitte released a report entitled “Observation of Investment Opportunities in China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry”. The report believes that carbon reduction policies and younger consumer groups will further increase the market share of electric vehicles, and the penetration rate of lower-tier cities still has a lot of room for growth.

The report pointed out that the transportation industry is one of the main sources of carbon emissions in China, and road transportation accounts for about 70% of its total carbon emissions, playing an extremely important role in reducing carbon emissions. As the current policy mainly uses fuel consumption credits and new energy vehicle credits to limit the carbon emissions of car companies, the popularization of new energy vehicles has become one of the main measures of carbon neutrality for major car companies. With the acceleration of electrification, the penetration rate of new energy passenger vehicles in the overall automobile market increased to 13% last year, far exceeding expectations.

Edited by Cheng Zijiao and Huang Xinyu

Proofreading Li Ming