Delayed for three years without settlement! Talking about RNG live on PDD: Buying players without paying the balance

With the news that RNG was exposed to the auction on the hot search, many people began to wonder why PDD girlfriend Shen Lingmin wanted to sue RNG during the S game. What people did not expect was that this wave of prosecution was not between RNG and PDD girlfriend. There was a debt dispute, but RNG unilaterally breached the contract and defaulted on the cost of purchasing players, so PDD had to sue them to pay the balance.

According to the revelations of PDD live broadcast, he originally did not want to sue the e-sports club, because the domestic e-sports industry is really not very prosperous in recent years, and many big bosses engaged in e-sports are subsidizing money to do it, everyone can understand it. . But the RNG thing can’t be dragged on any longer. Before they bought players, they had to settle the bills, and they had been delayed for three years. Now they can only go through legal procedures.

Although PDD has been helping the boss of RNG during the live broadcast, so that the water friends don’t want to talk about the old man, but it is indeed a bit excessive that a club can delay the purchase of players for three years. This is not only In the card player’s contract, he also needs to go to the card to trade the contract of the normal player. He is indeed the “god of contract”.

The most abstract thing is that, in combination with the timeline and player contracts mentioned by PDD, the player who RNG did not pay off the final payment is likely to be blown into an XLB worth 15 million at that time, and this player has been in this year. The transfer to the V5 team in the summer split means that RNG has not only taken the transfer fee from others, but also dragged the final payment of the PDD contract.

In this regard, netizens also understand very well: “RNG has run out of money. I could have waited for the S competition to see if there is any possibility of revitalizing it. The S competition is also so poor. It belongs to whoever sues and takes the money first.” Fei, you ruined the hope of Chinese e-sports”, “XLB can’t give you pdd money, you still sue, be careful that my legal department asks you to give money”, “It can only be said that RNG’s legal department has made a fortune” …

However, having said that, the current decline of domestic e-sports is indeed related to the worth of players who were fired in the past few years. If the club has to spend tens of millions to buy players, there is really not much money for training and daily management, so as PDD said, the current veteran e-sports teams don’t buy people anymore, they just don’t have much money to go to. Get it, you can only barely hold on.