De Bruyne scored 5 shots, scored 1 goal and sent 3 key passes for the highest score

  In the 14th round of the Premier League, Manchester City defeated Leicester City with De Bruyne’s only goal. De Bruyne also scored a game-high 8.1 points on the scoring website after the game.

  Statistics show that in this game, De Bruyne played 90 minutes, 5 shots, 2 shots on target, and 1 goal.

  He had 84 touches, 59 passes, 51 successes, and an 86% pass accuracy. Made 3 key passes.

  De Bruyne made 3 of his 10 crosses, and 9 of his 12 long passes were in place.

  He failed to win 5 ground fights, and won 1 top fight.

  De Bruyne committed 2 fouls and 1 offside.

  On defense, he had 1 clearance and 1 interception.

  The heat map of the game shows that De Bruyne is very active in midfield, especially on the right.