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October 24, 2022 – De Beers is proud to announce that Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has become its first global brand ambassador. The brand-new image ad, “De Beers Where It Begins Born” starred by her, tells the story of the world’s only global luxury brand from the source of diamonds to elegant jewelry. At the same time, as the core content of this cooperation, Lupita will support Building Forever’s “Building Forever” commitment, which aims to accelerate the realization of equal opportunities, provide equal opportunities for local women in the country of origin and promote the advancement of women’s status.

Acclaimed Australian photographer and director Lachlan Bailey follows Lupita on a journey that explores the transformation of diamonds from rough diamonds when they are first discovered to gorgeous jewelry. The campaign celebrates De Beers’ discovery of nature’s rarest treasures and their extraordinary beauty through their exceptional craftsmanship. On this amazing journey, Lupita discovers the unique power that only De Beers natural diamond jewelry can contain: transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, the moment into eternity, and her own transmutation of gorgeousness into possession Attractive women with unlimited potential.

Lupita is a woman of strength, love, and influence, and her attributes are in perfect harmony with De Beers’ commitment to “Building for Eternity” for people and the planet. As a brand partly owned by citizens of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, De Beers has a unique understanding of what value is and how to create it.

With the launch of this new image advertising campaign, De Beers will work with Lupita to continue its commitment to “make it last forever” and continue to work towards the goal of supporting 10,000 girls and women to study science and technology (science, technology, etc.) , engineering and mathematics), support 10,000 women in entrepreneurship, and invest at least $10 million in Southern Africa by 2030.

Lupita said: “I am very honored to be De Beers’ first global brand ambassador. I feel the power of transformation when I wear De Beers diamonds in this campaign. Pride comes from the proven provenance of these diamonds and the many positive contributions they make to the local community. More importantly, my partnership with De Beers will further my advocacy for the rights of women around the world.”

Marc Jacheet, CEO of De Beers, said: “Lupita Nyong’o is charismatic, elegant and full of unique charm. She combines modern style and responsibility, full of power and unlimited potential, and is our Inspiration. We are very proud to have Lupita on board as she lives up to De Beers’ commitment to Build Forever. We will continue to be with her and support her as she embarks on this gorgeous new chapter in her career.