Data shows that sexual health problems plague Chinese men, and the overall prevalence of ED is nearly 50%

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October 28 is the “World Men’s Health Day” and the 23rd “China Men’s Health Day” in China. This year’s theme is “advocating healthy life and ensuring men’s health”. Peng Mei News noticed that on the same day, the “Blue Book of Healthy China Happy Era” (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Book”) jointly released by Huizhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Primary Health Care Foundation and Zhongkang Technology mentioned that there are “four “Men suffer from sexual health problems. The overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction is as high as 49.69%, the incidence is younger, and it may increase the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease.

Relevant data show that after sexual dysfunction occurs, only 20.9% of men will take the initiative to take measures to solve it. The “Blue Book” recommends that patients should improve their lifestyles in the early stage of the disease, and actively seek medical treatment for early intervention and treatment.

Jiang Hui, President of the Chinese Society of Sexuality and Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University First Hospital, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that under the background of an aging population and a declining birthrate, men’s health has become more and more concerned by the public. In the maintenance and protection of men’s health and even the reproductive health of both sexes, a healthy lifestyle is particularly important and must be vigorously advocated.

Data source: “2021-2022 Men’s Health Big Data Survey” insight report of “2022 China Consumer Health Insight Report” by Zhongkang Technology

The “Blue Book” pointed out that according to the “2021-2022 Men’s Health Big Data Survey” report of the “2022 China Consumer Health Insight Report” previously released by Zhongkang Technology, currently “more than 40%” of men in my country have health problems and troubles, of which “Sexual health problems”, together with poor physical strength and poor energy, are known as one of the three major problems of contemporary Chinese men.

According to the article, a data analysis in my country shows that due to lack of scientific and standardized timely treatment, the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED, commonly known as “impotence”) in mainland Chinese men is as high as 49.69% – ED is affecting The physical and mental health of nearly half of Chinese men further burdens family life and socioeconomics. Notably, because ED shares a common pathogenesis with cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction is also a potential warning sign of cardiovascular disease—and may increase future cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular mortality. trend.

Data source: Insight report of “2021-2022 Men’s Health Big Data Survey” in Zhongkang Technology’s “2022 China Consumer Health Insight Report”

It is worth noting that ED is no longer a disease of middle-aged and elderly people. As mentioned in the “Blue Book”, relevant data analysis shows that the prevalence of males in mainland China under the age of 30 is 20.85%. The article quoted the introduction of Professor Deng Chunhua, director of the Andrology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, that the incidence of common chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and hyperuric acid among young people is gradually increasing, and it is also found that the incidence of erectile dysfunction tends to be younger. Compared with middle-aged and elderly patients, young patients tend to have mild symptoms. Most of the symptoms are not enough hardness, not long enough, and easy to soften after erection.

Data source: Insight report of “2021-2022 Men’s Health Big Data Survey” in Zhongkang Technology’s “2022 China Consumer Health Insight Report”

The quality of sexual life is also affected by many objective factors such as physical loss, mental stress, psychological state and economic conditions. A group of Zhongkang Technology CMH survey data cited by the “Blue Book” shows that 65.5% of the “loving family (Note: the male group in love between the ages of 25 and 35 in the survey)” said that they have sex once or more a week In terms of life frequency, 59.4% of them are more satisfied with their sexual life than the average, but there is still a lot of room for improvement; and in the “family (Note: married and pregnant male group in the survey)”, 93.8% of the people pay attention to it Sexual health, 72.9% believed that sex life would affect harmonious family relationship. Among the “workers”, 51.2% indicated that they had more health problems, and at the same time, their attitude towards sexual health was relatively negative, and 44.0% had lower-than-average satisfaction with their sexual life.

Data source: Insight report of “2021-2022 Men’s Health Big Data Survey” in Zhongkang Technology’s “2022 China Consumer Health Insight Report”

The “Blue Book” pointed out that many Chinese men are influenced by traditional ideas, they are ashamed to talk about their poor sex life and seek solutions, and even endure torture in silence for a long time, which further causes complaints and misunderstandings from their partners, resulting in family disharmony and even the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife. . Relevant surveys found that only 20.9% of men will take the initiative to take measures to solve their sexual dysfunction. Most people have insufficient knowledge of ED health, so men are more in a state of avoidance when dealing with their own sexual problems. When men have sexual health problems, most do not first choose to go to the hospital for help, but deny that they are sick, or seek private solutions through the Internet.

Data source: Zhongkang CMH

The “Blue Book” recommends that ED patients should take the initiative to seek medical attention in the early stage of the disease, intervene and treat as soon as possible, and follow the principles of scientific treatment to improve and restore erectile function as much as possible. Patients need to change their lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, work and rest regularly, and do appropriate muscle-building and fat-reducing and aerobic exercise. At the same time, the partner’s caring and understanding will also help to obtain a better therapeutic effect. It is suggested that the partner should show appropriate understanding and concern, and give appropriate encouragement. In terms of treatment, the current drug treatment for ED has the best effect, and PDE5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors) have become the most widely used first-line drugs for ED treatment.