Darui [Boren Biography] shocked the launch, planning “Ningji” and “Chiyo” to sit in the Hokage planning said

When it comes to the game Naruto mobile game, it is estimated that the vast majority of game lovers must be familiar with it. After all, the IP of Naruto is enough to attract netizens, not to mention its unique gameplay. I believe Players of Naruto mobile games, in order to keep the game highly playable, the official version will be updated every once in a while, and new game characters will be introduced in the game. This is not the case in the recent Naruto mobile games. The latest version is ushered in again, and in the latest version, the role of Darui in the biography of Boren is launched.

I believe that players of Naruto mobile games know that whenever the official launch of a new game character, a certain tooth official will take this as an opportunity to rectify, launch a new issue of Naruto planning, and invite the official in the Naruto planning. Planning to conduct a detailed analysis of the game characters, this does not follow the blogger’s announcement of Rui’s launch, Huya officially started to work again, and opened a new issue of Hokage Planning at 6:30 p.m. on the 28th.

It is reported that in this event where the blogger conveyed Rui’s planning and talk, the game planner “Ningji” will join hands with the planner “Chiyo” to appear together to reveal the latest superb A forbearance and the relevant news of the new version for the ninja students. The popular commentator “C Kai” and the popular video author “Qiao Yan is not an old saying”, “Naruto Stylish Man Kirabi” will also join this plan, and the three will meet on the evening of October 26th. Start a warm-up friendly match.

It is worth mentioning that these three anchors also made a wave of Mic at the Tencent conference, and during the Mic connection, “C Kai” also said that as a planner, the old man should first test the strength of Chirabi and Laoyan, except In addition, in the plan of this issue, the official also prepared various grand prizes, including the whole Darui card, Apple earphones, Naruto peripherals, Jingdong card, peripherals, etc. Delivery! Therefore, netizens who are interested in this will go to a certain tooth on the 28th to pay attention to this Naruto planning and talk show!