Daizong is about to return, let’s talk about Dianwei’s current situation, there is actually a way to improve the winning rate

Hello everyone, my fingertips, the anniversary skins return, basically the dust has settled, if you ask me which skins may return before voting, I can think of four skins in the current top five, and I can think of the bottom I can think of the well-made Baiheliang Goddess, but Dianwei’s Daizong is beyond my expectation.

Or how to say it is a dark horse. Although the quality of Daizong’s skin is good, it has hardly been talked about in recent times. Therefore, his return is a surprise to many people, but he did make it to the front. Fifth, and it has been stable when it is raining, and according to this trend, the number of votes ranks fourth and the probability of returning to the field is extremely high.

How to evaluate Dianwei?

Why is Dian Wei a low tier hero? As can be seen from this data table, the full tier is what we call the low tier, including all the data from bronze to 100 stars, as high as 19.5% of the appearance rate and 52.5% of the winning rate, which is enough to show that he Dominance in low tiers.

Generally speaking, the hero has a high appearance rate and a high win rate, indicating that the threshold is low and the hero is strong enough.

However, after the high tier, or the middle tier, the appearance rate plummeted, from 19.5% to 4.2%, and the win rate also dropped by 3%, which shows that Dian Wei has gradually become overwhelmed in the middle tier. Gao Xing’s rankings and even the peak matches of the top rounds, Dian Wei was basically invisible.

Because the appearance rate is too low, the win rate fluctuates greatly, and sometimes the win rate may drop below 40%.

Why can’t Dian Wei Gao be eaten in segments?

The disadvantage of the hero itself cannot be compensated by the operation. The disadvantage of Dian Wei is that he has short hands. Although the brushing efficiency is high and the damage is very exaggerated, it is difficult to pose a threat to the back row. It’s uncomfortable, can’t do damage, and has to be walked.

We can look at the popular junglers in the high tier, Lan, Jing, Lulu, Yao, Luna, etc. They all have one characteristic, that is, they have displacement and are more flexible. Such heroes can be wild cores and can Killing the back row has a more obvious effect on teamfights. On the other hand, Dian Wei is difficult to find his position in a team.

I really want to play Dianwei, how can I improve the winning rate?

My suggestion is to match Dianwei with a strong control assistant, which can reduce Dianwei’s short hand, slow lane change, and no threat to the back row, so I recommend the following assistants.


Guiguzi’s control effect can be matched with Dianwei’s output. Dianwei’s damage is real damage plus explosion crit damage. If the frequency of crit triggering is high, it really only takes one second to queue after a second. The big move triggers real damage, and the second skill steps on one foot and two knives to kill several pictures.

Especially in the later stage, Guiguzi’s group acceleration and group control are very suitable for the Dianwei mechanism, because you don’t need to bypass the back, and you can play the effect when you face the charge.

Sun Bin

The effect of Guiguzi is a bit similar, but without the cooperation of Guiguzi. What Guiguzi is playing is to make Dianwei better output when attacking, while Sun Bin can speed up Dianwei’s development, as well as the speed of turning lanes, and the acceleration and Lifting blood allows Dian Wei to transfer to lanes faster.

Playing in a group can also rush to the back row with the acceleration effect, but it may be a little weaker than Guiguzi when it comes to changing lanes.

Good assistants in the passers-by game are hard to come by, and the probability of picking these two acceleration heroes is not high. Even if they are selected, it is even more difficult to say whether they can cooperate with you Dianwei. Therefore, Dianwei in the passers-by game, as long as the opponent It will choose heroes in a targeted manner, which is really difficult to play, but if it is the kind of double row, it is not impossible to hit the tier.

What do you think of Dian Wei? Say your opinion.