Dai Qionghai: The most important opportunity for the development of the digital economy is to form the space of the metaverse

Beijing News Shell Finance News What is the most important opportunity for the digital economy? On October 28, Dai Qionghai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, dean of the School of Information of Tsinghua University, and chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Society, discussed this at the “2022 China Real Economy Forum”.

Dai Qionghai said that as an expert in the emerging field of artificial intelligence, we believe that the most important opportunity for development is the formation of the metaverse space, which may be a new economic growth point and a new commanding height of competition. Technology integration brings changes beyond expectations. , including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain and digital economy technologies to drive the development of the real economy.

“Contemporary Internet is actually a stock market. If it goes in the direction of the Metaverse, it is an incremental market, which completely changes the way of survival of the real economy.” Dai Qionghai pointed out that the current information technology serves the modern society and goes digital. Only with digitalization can it develop to a higher level. In the next 20 years, the digital world can break the limitations of physics. In the next 50 years, let’s think about it. Now we will move from intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence to brain intelligence and cognitive intelligence. Once we reach cognitive intelligence, our consciousness and so on. There will be new changes in every aspect.

“We used to say that time is a straight line. Einstein time can turn, and metaverse time can be cycled. This is the most important bottleneck in the development of the metaverse, which is how to make time cycle.” Dai Qionghai said, we started from How does the traditional economy of the Internet advance to the development of the digital economy, from the real economy to the development of the digital economy, to the metaverse, from industrial manufacturing, medical health, education and scientific research, to the expansion of virtual manufacturing, digital life, knowledge creation, etc. , which is also the space of the future metaverse.

Edited by Hu Meng and Huang Xinyu

Proofreading Zhao Lin