Crystal resurrection is not just luck! Brother Crystal obEDG game, bluntly said that EDG has reached this point

The duel between DRX and EDG has ended recently, and DRX had the last laugh, which made many viewers very helpless. After all, the audience hoped that EDG could advance, at least they could play something in GENG, and let the audience see the gap between LPL and LCK . But EDG can’t even beat DRX, which means that the gap between EDG and GENG is still quite large, which also makes many viewers so disappointed in this year’s LPL.

Brother Crystal clicked on the video after the game and made an ob for the match between EDG and DRX. Especially in the second game, Brother Crystal’s ob was quite detailed, which made many viewers express that they finally knew how EDG won. In fact, in the second game, DRX also played an advantage, and Brother Crystal said that the state of EDG was really not very good, and he didn’t know how to deal with DRX’s operational offensive.

Seeing the scene where deft almost succeeded in stealing the house, Brother Crystal said that in fact, EDG had reached this stage, but they knew that the crystal was about to be resurrected, so even if the two front teeth were removed, in order to ensure that they got it Neutral resources, this loss is acceptable to them. And the audience of the following plots know it, deft did not succeed in stealing the house, it was quite dramatic.

Crystal resurrection is not just luck! Brother Crystal said that there is no luck in this game, and it all depends on the calculation of time. Deft also calculated that the crystal would be resurrected when he stole the house, but he still failed to steal at the last moment. It can only be said that EDG’s calculation is more accurate. And when Deft almost succeeded in stealing his home, the weapon also successfully returned, and the line of troops was quickly cleared, without giving Deft a chance to continue stealing. So it’s not that EDG didn’t pay attention to deft stealing home, but they believe that deft can’t steal, so they will pay more attention to the resources they can control at present.

All in all, EDG’s second game is still quite heart-warming, and Brother Crystal’s analysis is indeed reasonable. After all, EDG is also a top team. If you want to win the game by luck in the World Championship, it will be a bit too much. Too much fun! But I have to say that EDG was beaten by an upset, and it is estimated that it will be sprayed by many audiences for a whole year!