Cruelly eliminated! The first round of the Thunder Cup is over, WZ and TES regret to leave

Recently, the first round of the Thunder Cup has ended, and the results of the group ranking competition between Group A and Group B have also come out. Four teams from Group A and Group B respectively advanced to the next round, and the bottom team could only be eliminated. The teams that were eliminated in the end were the WZ team and the TES team. I have to say that their journey in the Thunder Cup can only end here. If they want to continue to play well in the Thunder Cup, the WZ and TES teams can only take a look. Is there a chance.

In fact, from the point of view of the state, the strength of the TES team is still quite good, and they are facing the AG super game that has been kneeling all the time. Originally, they had the opportunity to win the AG super game and compete for the last place. But TES did not seize this opportunity. Instead, AG Super Play would take advantage of the process of confrontation with TES to adjust the state and play more organized.

In fact, TES has played very well. They have completely targeted the current weaknesses of the AG Super Play Club, and the BP is also very reasonable, and the economy that should be taken has not been taken less, but in the process of pulling, TES’s teenager They are still a little too young, always thinking about how to turn an advantage into a victory. In the last game of BO5, TES perfectly aimed at Yinuo, and seized the opportunity of Yinuo to drop points many times, but in the end, it was successfully turned over by AG Super Play. I have to say that TES really learned a lot in this Thunder Cup.

WZ also didn’t win a game this time, and ended the game hastily. But this time, they did not send a team of players, but sent a second team. The purpose is also very obvious. It is hoped that in this competition, the players of the second team can experience more training, so that they can enter the real KPL as soon as possible. arena. Judging from the results of the game, the performance of the second team of WZ is indeed a bit disappointing.

The adjustment ability is poor, and the operation always loses points. These problems have caused the second team of WZ players to not win their opponents in the end, and they did not learn how to improve themselves. But what is worth affirming is that WZ’s BP is really good, causing a lot of trouble for the opponent, and many of the systems played by the second team of WZ are quite proficient and can play a good advantage. Easy to win, then WZ’s second team players are still promising in the future.

All in all, the elimination of TES and WZ is really regrettable. They originally had a chance to compete for the promotion spot. E-sports is so cruel, performances like TES and WZ still fail to achieve good results in the Thunder Cup. So what kind of performance can the team that defeated these two teams enter the next round play? Let’s wait and see!