Crimea was attacked by the largest scale since the war, Russia condemned Britain and involved Nord Stream

Immediately after the attack on the Crimea bridge, Russia retaliated, using drones and missiles to launch massive strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure. Since then, the Russian side has normalized this attack. According to the Ukrainian side, Iranian “small motorcycles” frequently appear over Ukraine.

The Russian military drones were able to blow up vigorously, and the Ukrainian side could not fail to fight back. In the early morning of the 29th, a large-scale drone attack occurred in the waters of Sevastopol Bay. According to the Russian side, this is the largest attack on Crimea since the Russian army launched a special operation against Ukraine.

The Russian side claimed that the Russian army repelled the attack of this wave of drones that morning, and directly pointed out that it was a UAV of the Ukrainian army. At the same time, an American drone was also flying over the nearby neutral waters.

There is nothing unusual about the Ukrainian side’s “returning the same way” to Russia. What is worth noting is Russia’s attitude.

Russia directly pointed the finger at the United Kingdom this time, and also involved the “North Stream” pipeline.

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 29th, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that British experts participated in planning the attack in Sevastopol Bay, which Russia characterized as a “terrorist attack”. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense also stressed that British naval representatives were involved in planning the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline.

U.S. reconnaissance drones are haunting nearby, and the perpetrators are the Ukrainian army. Why is Russia not in a relationship with the United Kingdom? The author makes three points.

First, the United Kingdom has repeatedly targeted Russia, and Russia cannot bear it.

Among U.S. allies, the U.K. has been among the most aggressive against Russia. Take the aid to Ukraine after the war between Russia and Ukraine as an example. The converted amount of British aid to Ukraine is second only to the United States. Every British prime minister since Johnson has targeted Russia as a “selling point”. As soon as Sunak became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he said that there were three fires when the new official took office, and Sunak immediately set the fire to Russia.

There are multiple reasons why the United Kingdom is targeting Russia so much: on the one hand, as an ally of the United States, the United Kingdom and the United States advance and retreat together, and the United Kingdom is willing to curry favor with the United States on the issue of Russia; on the other hand, the United Kingdom is also willing to see Russia fall and hopes that Russia will disintegrate again , in order to extract cheap energy from Russia.

The UK is now facing severe energy security problems.  According to the British “Mirror” website, British Gas has reminded recently that the UK’s current natural gas reserves are only enough for 9 days, and the gas storage capacity is far lower than that of Germany, France and other countries. France and Germany have not yet planned to completely cut off energy exchanges with Russia, but the United Kingdom hopes that Russia will fall as soon as possible, but the trend of the situation does not seem to be in line with Britain’s wishes.

Russia has recognized Britain’s unfriendliness, and it is no wonder that when Sunak became British prime minister, Russia refused to send a congratulatory message.

Second, the UK may indeed be involved, and Russia cannot turn a blind eye.

Among NATO members, the UK is even more aggressive than the US. The United Kingdom is ahead of the United States in considering providing long-range weapons to Ukraine, and the United Kingdom is also ahead of Poland in chasing the Ukrainian army against the Russian mainland. Britain is even more hostile to Russia-controlled Crimea.

Some time ago, the United Kingdom provided Ukraine with underwater mine-sweeping robots. The reason given by the United Kingdom was to help Ukraine clean up the mines on its coastline. However, the threat of the United Kingdom’s actions to the Russian Black Sea Fleet cannot be ignored. The declining Britain was not content to be merely a vassal of the United States, and was still interested in gaining influence in the Black Sea. Before the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian and British navies almost had friction in the Black Sea, and the Russian army fired live ammunition to drive away the British ship.

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict actually gave Britain a chance to make a comeback. Russia had to face up to the various intentions and actions of the United Kingdom against Crimea. Russia really needs to be prepared.

Third, how should Russia respond?

Although the attack by the Ukrainian army did not go well this time, Russia specifically called out the United Kingdom and even reported the Beixi accident. Is it just for verbal condemnation? Russia’s response seems to be building momentum for revenge against the United Kingdom, but the question is how Russia will retaliate against the United Kingdom.

Sanctioning British officials? This method does not have actual lethality, it is just an attitude; is it economical to counteract the United Kingdom? There are not many economic exchanges between Russia and the UK, and the British government even supports the decoupling of British investors from Russia. So, is there any possibility of a military response from Russia?

Shortly after the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian parliamentarians openly imagined the possibility of the Russian army’s nuclear draw to London. Recently, both Russia and the West have been actively exaggerating the threat of “nuclear war”. The United States has deployed nuclear weapons to Europe to strengthen its nuclear deterrence against Russia. In the face of nuclear threats, Russia has to remain indifferent. people worry.

However, as the US mid-term elections are approaching, Russia now needs to exercise restraint and wait for the movement of the United States. It is not a wise move to move nuclear weapons. However, if Russia wants to break the nuclear blockade of the United States, the use of nuclear weapons for Ukraine is of little significance, and it is indeed extremely deterrent to the use of nuclear weapons against the United Kingdom.