Create “smart” business cards, SAIC MAXUS “Golden Nine Silver Ten” grows steadily

With the implementation of policies to promote automobile consumption in various places and the arrival of the “Golden Nine Silver Ten” peak season, the domestic automobile market continues to recover steadily. SAIC MAXUS, the business card of “China’s Smart”, also launched the “Golden Nine Silver Ten” with a record high global sales. From January to September, the total overseas sales exceeded 60,000 units, and the four major “10,000-level markets”, Australia and New Zealand, South America, Europe and the Middle East, once again achieved significant year-on-year growth, and both wholesale and retail sales hit record highs.

To explore new possibilities in the circle, SAIC MAXUS wide-body light passenger and five-star pickup trucks work together to broaden the boundaries of life.

Users are more eager to explore new life circles, and the domestic wide-body light passenger market continues to maintain a strong sales momentum. As a leader in the wide-body light bus industry, SAIC MAXUS has opened up the boundaries of light buses through the “ace” camps of light buses such as V80, V90, EV80, EV90 and EV30, and created the L Le team car, EV90 flash, V90 locomotive version and other distinctive and premium scene custom models. Create Vanlife for users to promote the hot sales of 8,800 units of the light passenger S family in September, with a total of 53,600 units sold from January to September, ranking first in the market segment.

At the same time, in order to meet the new needs of global off-road enthusiasts, fashion entrepreneurs and urban logistics big coffee, SAIC MAXUS MAXUS comes with five-star quality. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of SAIC MAXUS pickup, it created a pickup carnival for car fans around the world, and released a new pickup strategy, launching the 5th anniversary pickup model, consisting of “Five Star Off-Road Pickup” , “Five-star electric pickup” T90EV, “Five-star fashion pickup” T70 Australian version of SAIC MAXUS “Pickup Team”. From January to September this year, SAIC MAXUS pickup sales exceeded 43,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 76%. With the first trend of domestic pickup truck growth, it jumped to the second place in the field in sales, becoming the leader of the domestic mid-to-high-end pickup truck segment with more than 100,000 yuan.

As an “MPV customization expert”, SAIC MAXUS has launched the “smart choice for start-up teams” G20ES, “high-end business trendy choice” G20plus, “baby artifact” G50Plus in the new era and a new generation of smart SUV models.

Along with the wave of new energy, SAIC MAXUS has created a new new energy brand “MIFA · Prospect”, and launched the world’s first “full-size luxury intelligent pure electric MPV” MIFA9, “a real 7-seat large-space new energy vehicle. MPV” MIFA5, “the world’s first high-end hydrogen fuel cell MPV”. New energy SUV products such as MIFA have brought long-awaited green travel space to users who are concerned about the new energy multi-person travel field.

19,435 units were sold in a single month, a substantial increase of 30% year-on-year, to promote the brand sales of more than 110,000 units in August, and to prepare for “Golden Nine Silver Ten”. Among them, overseas “achievements” are constantly refreshed. SAIC MAXUS is showing strong strength in the global market with the attitude of “the world’s developed countries prefer Chinese cars”, “China’s intelligent manufacturing”.

Many distinctive and high-quality scene customization models bring users a life of Wanwei and become the leader in the wide-body light passenger industry.

SAIC MAXUS insists on defining pickups with high standards. The pickup camp consisting of T70, “ultra-intelligent, ultra-luxury and super-powerful” T90 “SAIC Niu”, MAXUS Territory and SAIC Niu · Demon King co-founded with users continues to refresh the pickup circle. “ceiling”.

It not only debuted the MPV family headed by G90, but also ushered in the launch of the 2023 G20plus and G20ES ​​dual vehicles, bringing users a super-burning MPV feast. In August, the SAIC MAXUS MPV family sold more than 22,000 units. It not only has the appearance and the elegant aura of the elite, but also has the largest wheelbase and the best space model of mainstream medium and large MPVs.

New energy vehicles have become the darling of travel, and the entire series of MIFA family continues to be popular.

In the first half of this year, SAIC MAXUS once again injected “new power” into the new energy market, releasing a new new energy brand “MIFA·Foreground” and a series of family products.

In addition to MIFA9, the blockbuster work of the new and new energy brand MIFA5, it also has a high reputation. With the five extreme genes of “extremely intelligent comfort, extremely intelligent flexibility, extremely intelligent driving, extremely intelligent safety and extremely intelligent elegance”, MIFA9, the world’s first “full-size luxury intelligent pure electric MPV”, can satisfy consumption more than models of the same class users’ needs.