Create a “smart subway” Beijing subway releases a number of independent innovation achievements of employees

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, October 29 (Chi Mengrui) On October 27, Beijing Metro Corporation held an employee innovation studio and alliance work promotion meeting, and released a number of employees’ independent innovation achievements.

On the scene, the Beijing Metro Company’s Employee Innovation Studio and the Studio Alliance released 4 employee innovation achievements including “Skill Level Simulation Training System” and “Beijing Subway 750V Protection Device Signal Simulation System”, as well as “Using CNC micro-motion to measure relay contact pressure at a steady speed”. 4 innovative projects including “Test Tooling Project” “DKZ13 Electric Train Passenger Compartment Door Stroke Switch Installation Method Optimization Research”, and signed a joint research contract with the studio alliance. 15 innovation achievements of employee innovation studios and alliance project teams and 10 achievements of youth innovation and creativity competitions were displayed on site.

At the promotion meeting, a number of “black technology” projects of independent innovation of employees were unveiled. In the subway network, the ticket gate in the station is one of the most used equipment. How to avoid occupying the gate channel during the maintenance process? Beijing Metro Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed a “passenger access control panel test device for subway turnstiles” for this purpose, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency of subway turnstiles.

According to Ren Zhenyu, an engineer in charge of creation and maintenance of the Support and Security Department of Beijing Metro Technology Development Co., Ltd., although the device is only the size of a suitcase, it can simulate the working environment of an entire turnstile. Maintenance personnel only need to connect the control board to the tester to test the various functions of the control board. “For example, if you put your hand between the infrared sensors, the indicator light on the computer screen will turn red under normal circumstances. If there is a fault, through the information on the computer screen, the maintenance personnel can quickly find the location of the fault point, which is convenient for operation. Maintenance.” Ren Zhenyu introduced that with this test device, it used to take an average of 2 days to repair a control panel independently, but now at least 3 can be repaired a day.

According to reports, the tester was jointly developed by the “inter-professional” project team of the Innovation Studio Alliance. It has been used in the test of the control panel of the entry and exit gates of 11 lines of the Beijing Metro. While improving the safety and reliability of the equipment, it can save a lot of money every year. Maintenance costs.