Counting | Domestic thermal products sell well in many European countries, sales of hand warmers surge by 447%

The domestically produced “artifacts” for keeping warm are being exported to Europe, and European consumers are “picking up” hand warmers, hot water bags, bare leg artifacts and other good winter items from China. According to data provided by AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform, since October, the sales of hand warmers and hot water bags have increased by 447% and 300% respectively month-on-month.

Europeans also began to wear long johns? According to data from AliExpress, since October, the number of autumn clothes and long pants in France and other countries has increased by more than 3 times from the previous month.

A number of Chinese thermal products brands have made remarkable achievements in overseas markets. According to the market intelligence data of Magic Mirror, the sales of “Samply” brand hot water bags from Changzhou, Jiangsu reached 393,600 yuan in August on Amazon UK, an increase of 85% from the previous month. %, occupying the first place in the August sales list of the hot water bottle category on Amazon UK.

From January to August 2022, the cross-border e-commerce brand “Bedsure” from Wuxi, Jiangsu accounted for 3.8% of the electric blanket market share in the four European Amazon countries (Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom), ranking eighth. According to Magic Mirror Market Intelligence data, in August this year, the sales of Bedsure brand electric blankets on Amazon Germany increased by 2608% from the previous month.