Cool master x well-behaved apprentice? Iterative update of the master and apprentice system of Qiannv mobile game!

The master and apprentice system of the October version of Qiannv’s mobile game is iteratively updated! Is the ta who taught you carefully still with you in the Three Realms? Directed by Mao Nanbei, starred by Xiaohan Hanyu (playing the alchemist Jiang Li) and Chen Cuo (playing the doctor Kong Qing) The live-action short film is online! The gentle master picked up an ignorant apprentice on the side of the road. I never thought that they were… What kind of story will happen between the two? Let us take a look!

Live-action short film online
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Youku video:

[Meet the wind and snow on the street corner, live together day and night]

On the snowy night, Jiang Li, an alchemist, saw the corner of the wall was shivering in the air, and couldn’t bear it, so he picked the little girl back to his home. In the days that followed, the two went hand in hand, but when Kong Qing told him that the whole village had suffered an unwarranted disaster and asked him to teach spells, he realized that he was also involved, and had to agree to the request to make up for some mistakes. He gave him all the money, and she seemed to understand, but she learned the skills of [two-sided acupuncture], which can detoxify, and [protecting the heart and gallbladder], which can eliminate negative effects. They are masters and apprentices, facing each other day and night, the better Kong Qing treats him, the more Jiang Li feels indebted.

Way Jiang Li & Physician Kong Qing

Master and apprentice get along day and night
[Fate is intertwined in the end, it is difficult to write, and the separation of master and apprentice is difficult to calm down]

Jiang Li decided to take revenge for Kong Qing. After returning from a serious injury, Kong Qing finally noticed the clue. The truth was revealed, Kong Qing couldn’t live up to the life-saving grace of his master, and he couldn’t bear to see him seriously injured, so he chose to perform [Forsythia Parasitism] in reverse… Since then, there has been a medical clinic in Jinling that offers free clinics all year round, named Kong Young Medical Center. The teacher and apprentice are deeply in love, the development of the story is gripping, and the soundtrack “Burning Feather” sets the atmosphere to the extreme. What memorable stories have the friends left with their masters or apprentices in the Three Realms?

Kong Qing discovers the truth
[Smile and tears are intertwined with a knife in the sugar, super sweet behind the scenes broadcast]

Behind-the-scenes shooting broadcasts~ Playful girls and elegant boys, the off-screen interaction is still super sweet! In addition, after the October version update, the apprenticeship system has been re-iterated, and you can add personality tags to those who are looking for a mentor and accepting apprentices to match those who are destined; The training plan has been upgraded, and the growth of the apprentices has been smoother; the group chat function has been added, so that you can speak freely in the personal teacher’s door and unlock more new experiences! Let’s go to the Three Realms to meet the same cute little apprentice!

Super sweet behind the scenes broadcast
[About “A Chinese Ghost Story” mobile game]

A new generation of national mobile game “A Chinese Ghost Story” is the official mobile game of the “New Chinese Ghost Story” terminal game. It has a terminal game-level aesthetic style and character design, and inherits the classic gameplay! Inherit the traditional culture. The Three Realms are not old, we are not separated! A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game wedding system is beautifully iterated, and the romance of the new Sansheng Lake is coming!

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