Continue to fool, VERTU released the first WEB3 mobile phone! Top with 300,000, more expensive than Mercedes-Benz

Author| yy

Source| Jiguo Editorial Department

When it comes to luxury products in mobile phones, there must be a place for VERTU. It used to be a top sub-brand of Nokia, focusing on high-end business luxury. Even the price of the iPhone can only be insignificant in front of it. #Digital Technology News#

Recently, VERTU, which has been silent for a long time, has made a comeback. Its world’s first Web3.0 mobile phone “METAVERTU” was officially released in London and launched globally.

Even after fading out of the public eye for so long, the price of VERTU products is still as expensive as ever.

Everyone’s evaluation of this mobile phone is also not polite, and bluntly said that “technology is based on money”.

What’s more interesting is that in the Web3 new machine commercial released by VERTU, it satirized Apple as a “villain” hegemon, implying that what he is doing now is becoming more and more closed and hegemonic, and he has become a daring to resist hegemony. characters.

The comments of netizens are also very humorous, saying that the last time to satirize Apple was LeTV.

So, is this so-called world’s first Web3 mobile phone any good?

For a long time, Vertu’s purpose is to tailor-made mobile phones for wealthy people around the world, so it is quite willing to use mobile phone materials. METAVERTU mobile phones are made of ceramic and metal bodies, inlaid with iconic sapphire glass, which belongs to the first glance. kind of expensive.

At the same time, the Himalayan crocodile leather version is also launched, which is made of high-end materials such as 18K gold and diamond.

Next, let’s take a look at the configuration. METAVERTU is equipped with a 6.67-inch screen on the front, with a resolution of 2400 × 1080p and a super high refresh rate of 144Hz. The processor is Snapdragon 8Gen1, which basically catches up with the mainstream flagship mobile phone configuration.

In terms of photography, the three rear lenses are Sony IMX787 humanistic main camera lens, 35mm focal length suitable for shooting portraits, and 9x optical zoom lens.

In terms of battery life, METAVERTU has a built-in 4600 mAh battery that supports ultra-high power 55W fast charging, and the laboratory can be fully charged in 20 minutes.

But this is not the point. The storage aspect is the brightest part of the machine. METAVERTU is equipped with 18GB of running memory, 1TB of storage space, and distributed storage of up to 10,000GB (10TB), which is also its “Web3 mobile phone” Killer.”

I don’t know when it started, Web3.0 seems to have become the new favorite of the capital world. Even Stephen Chow suddenly registered and opened an INS account, and recruited Web3 talents with a high profile.

Although there is no official explanation for the definition of Web 3.0, it, like the Metaverse, belongs to an “immersive network” and pursues the openness of decentralization.

As the world’s first “Web3” mobile phone, METAVERTU can also be seen from the name of the main concept of the metaverse. It can turn photos and videos into NFT by running its own blockchain node, bringing some fresh and advanced experience.

The Vertu team claims that METAVERTU’s built-in custom CNCOS operating system is to use mobile phones to connect chips, smart terminals, blockchain, operating systems, and high-end services, aiming to challenge decentralized digital hegemony and promote users to seamlessly enter Web3 world.

At the same time, METAVERTU also has the Web3.0 operating system developed by VERTU. In terms of functions, it is equivalent to METAVERTU’s built-in copyright camera. Users can generate their own NFT digital collections with one click. Privacy communication and DAPP applications.

Taking into account the user group, METAVERTU also has an ultra-high level of security, with a built-in A5 security chip based on the SE+TEE architecture, which conforms to the security specifications of top international financial institutions. At the same time, it offers other super-secure features like anti-intrusion sensors and a restrictive physical security perimeter inside the phone.

By combining with proprietary software and hardware, METAVERTU can have relatively strong security and privacy features.

However, the official considers that the migration of Web3.0 will take some time to complete, so METAVERTU has a simple one-button switch, allowing users to switch between Web2.0 and Web3.0 modes.

Oh, by the way, each Vertu mobile phone will have some high-end services before, such as a button on the side of the fuselage, which can call a 24-hour personal assistant with one button to help book flights, check in hotels, and make restaurant reservations. If the user encounters a fault during use, he can also directly authorize Vertu engineers to perform remote repairs.

On METAVERTU, this service is also successfully integrated with Web3 technology. Vertu now has a dedicated NFT investment team to help users better and quickly understand NFT, including guiding newcomers to complete the collection of some tokens, and also providing professional advice to tell them which upcoming collectibles are worth snapping up. It means investment.

Of course, VIP services don’t stop there, METAVERTU concierge also offers new V PASS membership and Web3.0 courses, and can get high-value whitelist in advance.

In any case, Web3 mobile phones are not as magical as imagined. The appearance is basically the same as that of ordinary smartphones. For ordinary users, the biggest difference is that Web3 mobile phones generally have built-in hardware encryption wallets to protect users’ private information such as passwords, Photos and password keys, etc.

So in general, the real selling point of Metavertu lies in the mastery of the security and privacy pain points of business people. The concept of Web 3.0 has not been fully determined. It is currently only an immature concept without much practical value.

In terms of price, METAVERTU has a total of six options. The carbon fiber model starts at RMB 25,800, which is comparable to 4 iPhones, while the high-end crocodile leather model ranges from RMB 46,800 to RMB 300,800. Officially launched on March 3.

In addition to retail stores and the official website, it will also be launched globally on Tmall’s small black box HEYSPACE, and the first digital exhibition space will be launched, replicating the situation of the London conference.

However, VERTU once sold too few production equipment, and the material of the body was relatively expensive, resulting in extremely high after-sales costs and difficult maintenance, so that the actual user experience was not good, which is also one of the places where it has been criticized.

However, when “METAVERTU” officially opened global reservations on September 28, limited-time pre-sale was also opened simultaneously in China. It didn’t take long for the number of reservations to exceed 2W. It can only be said that there are still many “invisible local tyrants”…

Many netizens on the Internet don’t seem to pay very much, and some directly complain that this is an “IQ tester”?

For mobile phones, user experience is the most important thing. Although METAVERTU’s main competing products are Samsung W23 and Huawei Mate50RS Porsche design, it does not mean that high price is high-end.

So do you think METAVERTU is worth the money?