Continue to deepen the field of communication and Internet 3D communication won the enterprise award of the 5th Zhejiang Industrial Awards

Recently, the 5th Zhejiang Province Industry Award selection activity announced the commendation decision. After voluntary application, recommendation, review, on-site inspection, verification, publicity and other procedures, Sunway Communication (002115.SZ) won the “Zhejiang Industry Award Enterprise Award”. In the “Enterprise Award” list of this selection activity, a total of 9 companies including 3D Communications were selected, among which there are other well-known companies such as Zhejiang Fuye, Wolong Holdings, Ningbo Iron and Steel, Juhua Group, and Zhejiang Dahua.

According to the data, the selection of the fifth Zhejiang Industrial Awards was organized by Zhejiang Industrial Economics Federation, Zhejiang Enterprise Confederation, Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association, provincial-level relevant industry associations and prefecture-level “three associations”. Provincial Industrial Award Implementation Management Measures”, jointly organized and implemented, aims to commend those who have not forgotten their original intentions, kept their mission in mind, forged ahead, worked hard, adhered to the industry, conscientiously fulfilled their social responsibilities, and promoted the high-quality development of Zhejiang’s industrial economy and continuous achievements. A corporate example of new contributions.

Sunway Communications said that in the future, the company will continue to uphold the spirit of Zhejiang, insist on being practical, be at the forefront, and stand at the forefront of the tide, continue to cultivate in the fields of communication and the Internet, and create digital solutions such as mobile communication coverage and Internet precision marketing, in order to achieve Zhejiang We will work hard for the high-quality economic development of the province.