Contemporary young people who don’t want to embarrass themselves, all like to dress more comfortably

From Athleisure, Athflow, to the various -cores now, compared with the original high-level fashion concept, the current fashion definition has become broader, and it has also given more people more possibilities – the sweater that they got from the closet. The suit may also hit the fashion icon, turn over the comfortable line and sing, and suddenly become fashionable.


Contemporary young people’s often shouting “slack, lie flat, and turn inward” can only be used as a slogan to ease their mood most of the time, and “dress comfortably” can really save themselves a lot of trouble. The recent hot outdoor wind has both practical functions and personality. A jacket can be pulled to the end and you can go out without thinking about how to wear it. It feels good.


The short top can be worn with a raincoat and a functional drawstring skirt, which is not only memorable at a glance, but also a little cooler than ordinary hot girls.


When it comes to the choice of jackets in autumn and winter, many people have temporarily put aside the shoulder-padded suits that have been hot for a long time, and began to choose bomber jackets that are looser and more comfortable, and are more suitable for daily use.

Bomber jackets were all about the same style when they were popular, mostly black or army green with thick quilted styles and bright orange interiors. Kendall and Gigi’s bomber jackets and black skinny leggings are also quite classic.


Many big names have also regained their love for bomber jackets. Isabel Marant prefers high-level simplicity, the low-key solid color design is more practical, and the addition of leather elements and boots is sexy and heroic.


Prada’s design is more modern. The white space of the large neckline allows more room for the layering of the inner layer. The design of the mid-length and belt is very curvy, and it is very retro with straight-leg pants and leather shoes.


Whether it is loose all black or light-colored jeans, it is OK for daily wear. The matching is simple enough, comfortable and can not go wrong.


Light-colored models and collarless models are also very practical to wear. You can match them with the same color or black and white, and it is almost impossible to pick people.

Choosing a leather style is also very good, and it can be matched with a knitted sweater. The combination of two soft and hard materials is very autumnal. Depending on the temperature, you can choose shorts, boots, or straight-leg trousers for the lower body, both of which work well.


If you want to maintain a sense of comfort, you need loose and casual keywords. Sweaters and knitted sweaters are simply unstoppable. The gray sweater is a classic in sweaters, and you can hardly go wrong with the same color sweatpants. Deliberately adding a touch of leather can improve sophistication without being too sporty.


If you want to wear it alone, we can choose the letter logo model, add necklaces, earrings and other accessories for embellishment, and then make a neat shark clip haircut, which will look very American casual.

Hailey’s solid-color basic sweater and solid-color trousers are really supported by the body, and they will look rustic if they are a little careless. If it must be completely solid, adding a little more revealing will be much better.


Loose knitted sweaters are also very suitable for autumn and winter, and the whole person will look gentle and soft. Pairing it with a white inner layer not only looks good, but also increases the comfort of dressing.


In addition to the basic models of brown, white and stripes, it is also very good to choose colorful styles like Jennie, which are playful and lively, and are quite outstanding in the dim autumn and winter.


If you want to dress comfortably, interestingly and unconventionally in autumn and winter, you can choose a neutral style, which is not only more street-like, but also very convenient to match as a couple.

This cardigan from Standby is knitted very well. The black and yellow color scheme is very good, and it is ok to wear it separately. The dropped shoulder silhouette is very flattering, and the design on the back is not monotonous.


The way of wearing a sweater and a vest Jennie also often wears the upper body, which not only keeps the body warmer, but also makes the shape more layered.


If you want to be more brilliant as a whole, you must be careful with the sense of contradiction. For example, cool sweaters and flower decorations, handsome leather clothes and colorful embroidery, solid-color sweaters + stitching elements, are both practical and interesting, and the spokesperson Hu Yutong really knows how to wear them!

Reetkeem has more small elements and accessories, and more colors.

Although the matching of striped sweaters and scarves of the same color is more complicated, it has a very autumnal feel, and it is also very good to match the bags of the same color.


It also matches well with autumn and green outfits. It has a very American retro feel and will not be too dull.

(The way to wear a complete set of sweaters is +1)


If you want to dress comfortably, interestingly and brilliantly, sisters, hurry up and learn!

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