Constellations that are prone to catastrophe this week, please reject improper temptations to avoid subsequent problems

Constellations that are prone to catastrophe this week, please reject improper temptations to avoid subsequent problems


The sun and Mercury have come to the interpersonal palace of Leo, allowing you to expand your social circle and have opportunities to meet higher-level, more qualified and capable friends. You will also become fond of making friends and hope to meet friends with different personalities, occupations and circles , in order to bring you more help in the future, Venus is also in a favorable position at present, forming a trine with Saturn and Pluto retrograde in the work house, bringing you stronger ambitions, and Leo will also want to create It belongs to your own business, and through communicating with others, you will also plan or start a new cooperation plan with new friends, or join hands with friends you have worked with at parties again, but the Sun and Mercury will be blocked at the beginning of this week. The moon in the Palace of Illness is punished. When it comes to any money-related issues, Leo must learn to be vigilant, especially don’t trust unfamiliar female friends, and avoid falling into money scams or being involved in pornographic related incidents .


At the beginning of this week, the moon falls in the family sector of Sagittarius, forming a harmonious aspect with Neptune, and at the same time being assigned to Jupiter in the house, and the Sun and Mercury in the opposite house. For Sagittarius, this is a relatively insecure feeling This week, especially after Sunday, Mercury will be in exact opposition to Jupiter. Whether it is a family or a cooperative partnership, you will be required to be more mature and obey the needs of those around you. Sagittarius may also feel confused about your own positioning. If you are not sure what kind of people and things you want, you may wish to ask yourself what kind of life you cannot accept, so as to avoid making hasty and regretful decisions. Venus stays in the work sector and forms a relationship with Saturn and Pluto in the wealth sector. Favorable trine, you will get a more stable income through work, have a tendency to expand cooperation or stabilize financial support, or you may get the first payment for the first time after developing your interest into a career, as long as you are a Sagittarius If you are willing to face life pragmatically, then life will not live up to your needs.


At the beginning of this week, the moon falls in the right position and forms a harmonious aspect with Neptune, which brings Pisces the belief in pursuing ideals and truth, and Mars also forms a trine with the moon and Neptune. Out of the pursuit of justice, Pisces will bring up the past and hope There is a fairer solution for some people, but Jupiter retrograde in the career sector, the Sun and Mercury staying in the family sector will form a square with the moon respectively. What you have to do is to protect yourself wisely and avoid being implicated. Venus in the communication house of Pisces will form a favorable trine with Saturn and Pluto retrograde in the interpersonal house, which means that you have more opportunities to communicate with seniors in the industry, but whether you can get help from the other party depends on It depends on whether Pisces can chat with each other, whether they have the same hobbies and topics. Mercury in the family sector will meet Jupiter on weekends, reminding you to make choices in family and business. Pisces may also ask for leave to deal with relocation matters, or submit a resignation letter to consider developing in a different place. Before making any decisions, consider whether it is your own. true will.