Conquering Europe and entering Latin America, BYD electric cars are somewhat unstoppable

From Germany, Sweden to Colombia, why do different consumers around the world favor BYD electric vehicles?

The automobile industry is the vane of global industrial development and an important measure of national comprehensive strength. At present, the global automobile industry is developing in the direction of new energy and environmental protection. As the most representative new energy vehicle manufacturer in China, BYD has gradually taken the step of internationalization, allowing consumers around the world to feel the quality and charm of BYD electric vehicles.

On September 28, BYD held a European online press conference for new energy passenger vehicles, officially announcing the launch of three models of Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS models for the European market, and announced the prices. Among them, the pre-sale price of Yuan PLUS in Germany is 38,000 euros, and the pre-sale price of Han and Tang in Germany is 72,000 euros. At the Paris Auto Show shortly after, BYD also unveiled three star models of Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS, which made many European electric vehicle enthusiasts stop and appreciate.

BYD’s current performance in the European market is booming. Recently, German car rental company Sixt also signed a cooperation agreement with BYD, promising to purchase more than 100,000 electric vehicles from BYD in the next six years and put them into the local high-end car rental market. In addition to Germany, auto dealerships including Sweden’s Hedin Mobility, the Netherlands’ Louwman Group, and Norway’s RSA Group have also become BYD’s partners.

Not only in developed countries like Europe, but also in Asian and Latin American markets, BYD’s internationalization is also proceeding in an orderly manner. Not long ago, Yuan PLUS was also officially unveiled in Colombia, which is another exploration of this model after Costa Rica, Uruguay and Dominica.

Yuan PLUS is the first A-class running SUV of BYD e-platform 3.0. It adopts the design language of BYD Dragon Face 3.0 and is matched with an interior design based on the concept of “sports and fitness”, which is quite in line with the SUV market segments of users in different countries around the world. requirements. In the safety test of the European New Car Safety Assessment Association (Euro NCAP) in 2022, Yuan PLUS has passed various rigorous tests and obtained a five-star safety rating.

In the Colombian market, BYD has already made moves. Since 2020, BYD has cooperated with local dealer Motorysa to sell a full range of new energy passenger vehicles in Latin America. In addition to the Yuan PLUS just unveiled this time, high-end plug-in hybrid models such as the large luxury flagship sedan Han EV, luxury pure electric SUV Tang EV, and Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i have already been sold locally. The market received excellent sales. So far, BYD has delivered nearly 3,000 electric vehicles in the Colombian market alone.

The frequent reports of good news in the European and Latin American markets are just a microcosm of BYD’s globalization journey. Relying on the strong R&D strength of Sanden’s core technologies and its strong control capability at the supply chain end of the industrial chain, BYD is gradually releasing its production capacity in an orderly manner, leading the entire Chinese auto industry to take the road to the sea step by step. In the future, electric vehicles will become the main force of China’s auto industry exports, thus comprehensively driving the rapid development of China’s auto industry and gaining its own place in the electric vehicle market.