Congrats to Faker! Reaching the finals after 5 years! Facing the LPL record with 8 wins and 1 loss, it can be called the LPL killer

After the match between JDG and T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship, T1 eliminated JDG with a 3-1 record and advanced to the final. And this game is of great significance to Faker, because this is his first World Championship final after 5 years, and he has successfully set a record.

The last time Faker made it to the finals was the World Championship in 2017. At that time, SKT lost to SSG in the finals. Faker burst into tears after the game, and the classic picture of looking back at the trophy was born. This time, he reached the finals again after a lapse of 5 years, and he also became the player who has advanced to the finals of the S competition with the most times. He has entered the finals a total of 5 times. And Faker’s worst result in the world championship is also the top 4. I have to say that it is a legend or a legend. As a veteran, he can still reach the final at this age, which is indeed worthy of admiration and respect.

Not only that, Faker still maintains his record of winning all BO5s against LPL teams in the World Championship. In addition, in this year’s World Championship, the T1 team that Faker was in, faced with the three LPL teams, the total record was 8 wins and 1 loss. Except for the loss to JDG in a small game, all other games were won. TES, on the other hand, was not in the same group as T1 in the group stage, and was eliminated in the top 16, so there was no chance to play against T1, so there was no record of the match.

Faker can be said to be a veritable LPL killer during the World Championship. No matter how many teammates around him have changed, he is still the most difficult opponent for the LPL team in the World Championship. He was the big devil before, but now he is still very influential in the game, and being able to ban Ryze is enough to prove that his strength has not declined seriously, and he should have put in a lot of effort in private to maintain his state.

And when Faker won the first S championship, the top laner zeus was only in the fourth grade of elementary school, which is really emotional. The LCK region has also done a lot better than us in terms of talent training. Not only can the veteran players stay in the evergreen state, but also excellent new players are constantly emerging. On the other hand, on the LPL side, there are not a few veteran players whose strength declines with age. It is also common for rookie competitions to lose their chains. The most typical ones should be Hope and Wayward.

No matter what, we must admit that the first division this year is LCK, and I hope LPL can learn from this lesson and come back next year! Next year there will be the Asian Games. There will be more large-scale events and they will be more important. The most important thing is to find out the problem this year and come back next year.

So, what do you have to say about this matter?