Comprehensive horoscope for February: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

The sun sextile Neptune reminds us that ideals must be combined with reality. It is good to have dreams and pursuits, but for some friends who want to make a living, the first thing to consider is the issue of survival, not personal preference. Yes, seeking survival first and then developing is exactly what this astrology tells us. Ideals can only be realized when food and clothing are not a problem. For those who are looking for a job in the near future, such mental preparation is very necessary. Of course, if your conditions are already very good and you don’t have to worry about making a living, then you can do a lot of interesting things in the future, discover a lot of new hobbies, and invest in your own hobbies.

It is worth mentioning that on February 2226, Mercury and Aries will go direct and then square Pluto. This makes many people prone to black and white thinking, and it is difficult to be moderate and rational in situations. If there are conflicts in interpersonal relationships around us, we may only know how to stand in line instead of thinking independently. Maybe standing in line in a certain environment is also a kind of compulsion, but no matter what choice we make, we must not be confused in our hearts and must stick to the truth.

Well, next, let’s follow the editor to see how the comprehensive fortunes of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo will be in February.

Please refer to your Sun Sign and Rising Sign as you read!

Cancer (February 222226-February 222226)

As an ordinary office worker with a Cancer, you need to talk less in February. During this period, you may feel that the competitiveness in the workplace has increased, and you will also face some interpersonal problems. I would like to remind you to rely on yourself to be safer in the workplace, try not to intervene in the face of right and wrong, talk less and do more;

If your work involves sales (including business people), you will be very motivated, and you may even work overtime to improve performance, or use time other than 8 hours to develop potential customers, but the effect may not be as good as you imagined. Fatigue battles may not necessarily bring you much benefit sometimes, and it may be counterproductive. Facing the bottleneck of wealth luck, rather than fighting fatigue, it is better to calm down and recharge yourself, study sales methods and customer conditions, and adjust your impatience, maybe the effect is not very bad;

If you’re new to the job, the job prospects are great, but there are still a lot of kinks to work out. If you can survive the trial period, the future vision is meaningful;

If you are a job seeker, finding a job is not going well now, and you are likely to encounter harsh interviewers or companies, and it is difficult to be admitted even if you enter the last hurdle. You need to think about your own strengths, make adjustments and then start again, or survive first and then seek development. Some jobs seem very interesting to you, but you may not be qualified for them. It is better to do other related jobs first. Work, and then use your spare time to recharge yourself and learn, accumulate experience, and when you have enough qualifications, it will not be too late to find a job you like. As I said before, for those who are still struggling, they should first seek survival and then seek development;

If you are a single Cancer, there will be almost no signs of a new relationship in February, even if you have the opposite sex you like around you, it will be difficult to develop a relationship;

If you are a Cancer with a significant other, emotional instability will increase during this period, and the chances of quarrels will be relatively high. Of course, it is worth mentioning unmarried couples, and unmarried couples who have been together for a relatively long time. In February, both parties will have dissatisfaction with each other. You may feel very entangled, and you may even want to end the relationship, but you can’t bear it. It is also possible that the other party thinks so in his heart. Therefore, it is particularly important to understand the other party’s thoughts next, which directly determines whether your emotions will eventually bear fruit.

Leo (February 222226-February 222226)

For ordinary office workers, you may feel that there are many rules and restrictions at work. Of course, the rules are all equal and not for you alone, but this may have a greater impact on Leos who are very expressive. Some. During this period, there is not much room for you to develop yourself, but as long as you do the routine work well, it will be fine;

If your work involves sales (including businessmen), your financial fortune in February will be relatively good, and your performance will improve steadily. Although the improvement speed is relatively slow, the overall trend is improving;

If you are a new employee, this job is good for you, but you will encounter many challenges, and the speed of promotion or salary increase is not as expected, which means that you need to pay more in the future effort;

For Leo job seekers, you can find a new job next, but there is a certain gap with the goals you set. If you fail to lower the requirements first, you may fall into a state of long-term unemployment;

If you are a single lion, you are more likely to have a new relationship, most likely through a blind date or an introduction from an elder, so you might as well participate in more activities and gatherings during this period. The May Day holiday itself is a good opportunity;

The other half of Leos will develop a stable relationship in the future, especially unmarried couples. Your relationship is developing towards marriage. Many of your ideas are based on marriage. Of course, whether this relationship will have an ideal result in the end, some ideas need to be communicated with the other half.

Virgo (February 222226-February 222226)

For ordinary Virgo office workers, February is the period when you beat your opponents in the workplace. Next, you will encounter some challenges in your work, but they are also opportunities, because most of them are within the scope you can handle;

If your work involves sales (including businessmen), there will be a structural change in your fortune, and if you seize the opportunity, it will bring huge benefits to your performance;

If you are a new employee of Virgo, the current job has good development prospects for you, and you have already made a good start, so you should work hard to persevere and strive for various performance opportunities;

As a Virgo job seeker, you will face different job choices next. You should focus on your own ideas, and don’t listen to too many other people’s opinions, otherwise you will confuse your own clear ideas and end up vacillating, wasting time at the same time. some good opportunities will be missed;

It is worth mentioning that the love index of single Virgos doubles in February, and a new relationship is very likely, and it can be regarded as the type of love at first sight. The opposite sex you like will appear around you. If you want to make progress, you may wish to find a way to leave the contact information of the other party;

If you are a Virgo with a significant other, your emotions will heat up significantly during this period. Not only do you communicate well with each other, but you can also achieve complementary effects in many things, please continue to maintain this.

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