completely annihilated! S12 became a Korean civil war again, JDG Redmi sighed: LCK is indeed stronger than our LPL

[Follow the afterimage game, watch the latest LOL information, today we will talk about the loss of JDG to T1 in the semi-finals]

In the first semi-final match of S12, JDG won the first round of T1, and was defeated by T1 in a row to three cities and lost this round of BO5. With T1 leveling JDG, our LPL was also wiped out. The No. 1 seed JDG came to the end and got the top four. The three teams left on the field are T1, which advanced to the final, and DRX and GEN, which are about to start. But for the LPL division, no matter what the result of the second semi-final, the final will be the Korean civil war. Everyone is unacceptable.

Compared with S7, the difference this time is that the competition venue is not LPL, so that fans are not so unwilling even if they regret it. But after the game, JDG coach Redmi said in an interview, but it still made everyone realize the reality. At that time, Redmi was asked about the regular BP of the LPL. Compared with the variable BP of the LCK, what is the difference between the two divisions? Redmi: LPL prefers fighting lineups, while LCK tends to have a variety of lineups, and I feel that the LPL team this year is really not as strong as the LCK. I hope next year can prepare well and have a good result.

For this reply, most fans also deeply agree. The LPL used to be full of flowers and dare to play anything. Almost every player has his own characteristics. However, with the increase in the number of S crowns, the LPL division has taken up the old money. Not only are new players lacking opportunities to play, but many teams still insist on a set of lineups and a set of play styles. On the other hand, on the LCK side, even the support position has a large number of heroes, and the appearance of the nurse has limited the performance of many LPL heroes. From this point of view, LPL has gradually lost its creativity.

Speaking of this, Afterimage can’t help but think of Able, the original e-sports inventor. Although Able said that there are a lot of black materials, in terms of inventing routines, it really caused a lot of heated discussions at the time. Professional players have followed suit. But in S12, creativity seems to be less and less in the LPL. You can think of the performance of the LPL summer playoffs. Everyone knows that the strong heroes in the version are Luna and Zeli. Therefore, after each BP is over, There are always only those few lineups on the field, just a different group of players are playing.

This is also the reason why many players complained about the single lineup in the playoffs and the lack of viewing. In this S12 World Championship, Taobao was too slow to heat up. After losing to the Vietnam team, I felt a little bit of strength, but it was too late. RNG started playing from the play-in stage. The first round of the group stage obviously improved, but the second round began to decline due to various reasons. The semi-finals were even eliminated by the excellent T1. When EDG played against DRX, most players were optimistic that EDG would win, and he did take the lead in winning two games.

​But unfortunately, after DRX pulled back two games, EDG still panicked, and even Scout, who has always been stable, became impatient, and EDG was eventually eliminated. Coming to the game between JDG and T1, in the first game, JDG can still compete with T1, but in the second and third games, it is obviously a little weak, and even the fourth game is suspicious: this is the same as the first game. Is the JDG of the same group of people playing? It can only be said that the LPL preparations this time are indeed insufficient, and there are too few trump cards. After playing the first two rounds, the latter was directly exhausted . What’s everyone’s comment on this? Please leave a comment below!

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