Comparing its muscles with Russia and not forgetting to deter China, what is the United States anxious for?

From the explosion of the first atomic bomb to the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the lethality of human beings has continued to increase, but the shadow of nuclear war has always been hanging over human heads. Because we don’t know when the next world war will start or whether mankind will be destroyed by nuclear war. A few days ago, the United States and Russia have shown their nuclear muscles and launched nuclear exercises. There is a “one-and-done showdown” situation, and the world has once again been pushed to the brink of war. As the world’s stable position, China’s attitude is very important. On the issue of nuclear weapons, my country has always called for the avoidance of nuclear confrontation, and should try to carry out dialogue as much as possible to resolve risks through peace talks. The problem is that the United States does not see it that way. When the United States was comparing its nuclear muscles with Russia, it did not forget to deal with China. China’s statement on its nuclear arsenal may have caught the attention of the United States. The US released a report trying to deter us, to which China responded aggressively.

According to CCTV news, the U.S. Department of Defense released the “2022 Nuclear Posture Review Report”, which stated that China will have at least 1,000 nuclear missiles in ten years, and China will have more breakthroughs and diversity in nuclear weapons. The report pointed out the normal development of China’s nuclear force and tailored a nuclear deterrence strategy for China. In response, a spokesperson for my country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US report exaggerated major power competition and violated the nuclear consensus. China has the ability to, We are confident in safeguarding our national security interests, and the US nuclear blackmail will not deter China.

The United States may have noticed a statement in my country’s key report when it released a new nuclear report, “Building a strong strategic deterrent system.” Earlier, some U.S. officials clamored that the U.S. should not keep developing nuclear arms with Russia, but should regard China as one of its adversaries. Earlier, in the nuclear arms control negotiations with Russia, the United States had repeatedly emphasized that China should be included in the negotiations, which was rejected by Russia. The United States and Russia are the two largest nuclear powers in the world, and their nuclear forces are the greatest deterrent to the world. The two countries should first take the lead in fulfilling their commitments and avoid nuclear war, rather than pulling China in.

Now, the U.S. has released a nuclear report, and it is clear that it wants to deal with us in terms of nuclear weapons. China normally develops a nuclear force to maintain its own security, and does not threaten anyone or any country. What is in the way of the U.S.?

First, the United States fears us. It is not that we are afraid of the United States, but the United States is afraid of us. The change in our expression of nuclear forces shows that today’s China has sufficient capabilities to develop strategic weapons, maintain our own security, and allow no forces to undermine our peaceful development environment. Now China is rising in an all-round way in the fields of economy, military, science and technology, and has been regarded by the United States as the only challenger in the world. China’s rise is unstoppable. In fact, we have never been afraid of the suppression of the United States. China has the confidence to develop its security forces, contain the suppression of the United States’ hegemony, and achieve a go-ahead.

Second, the United States intends to reshape the pattern of unipolarism and create chaos. The United States is the country with the most powerful nuclear force in the world. It has a “trinity” nuclear force. It uses the pretext of China’s development of nuclear weapons to increase its military spending to seek its own absolute strategic advantage. Competition, the more chaotic the world is, the more conducive the United States is to make a fortune.

Third, the United States does not dare to fight a nuclear war at all, and uses China as the topic to implement containment and isolation of China. The United States does not dare to confront Russia head-on, and can only try to hold back Russia through proxy wars. In the face of an all-round rise of China, the United States is even more powerless. The United States always shouts that there is a risk of nuclear war, and shows its nuclear muscles, but everyone knows that the United States has a lot of thunder and little rain. The United States does not dare to start a nuclear war at all. No matter how many nuclear tests the United States has conducted in the past few decades, the United States certainly knows how terrible a nuclear war will bring. In a nuclear war, the United States has no certainty of victory, nor is it fully prepared. And provoking a nuclear arms race can draw many allies together to contain and contain China.

Judging from the U.S. nuclear report’s response to us, the U.S. hegemonic mentality is unstable. The U.S. is worried about China’s rise and losing its hegemony. But things are always moving and developing. The rise of new things cannot be stopped by old things. The United States cannot stop our rise. China is unwilling to engage in confrontation with the United States, but it does not mean that we will make concessions on issues involving our own security and interests. China has the ability to maintain its own security and stop any actions that undermine world stability. Cooperation between China and the United States will benefit both, while confrontation will hurt both. Why doesn’t the United States cooperate with us? When China is forced to become its opponent, the US hegemony will probably be self-defeating!