Compared with fists, there is a management plan for healthy eating!

On October 27th, the Happy Elderly Newspaper and Hunan Xiaoxing Dairy Co., Ltd. held a “Nutrition and Health for the Elderly” in the Red Star Bugao Store Supermarket in the Hunan Agricultural Expo Center Cultural and Leisure Plaza (Red Star Commercial Plaza) in Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. The offline activities with the theme of “Planning” were warmly welcomed by elderly friends. Readers holding “Happy Elderly News” newspapers not only received the “Tang Lijiang” middle-aged and elderly goat milk powder experience pack provided by Hunan Xiaoxing Dairy Co., Ltd. Health manager Wang Dan consulted on healthy eating knowledge and received her professional advice on nutrition and health planning for the elderly.

“The blood sugar is still 14.5mmol/L two hours after the meal. Grandpa Chen, your blood sugar control is not ideal. You should pay more attention to your usual diet.” At 7:30 p.m., the reporter came to the event site and found that there were still many people in line. , Wang Dan is providing free blood sugar and blood pressure testing to 68-year-old Chen Wang who came to receive the event benefits. Chen Wang introduced that he was suffering from diabetes. He thought that after taking medicine, he would be able to eat more casually, but he didn’t want to test it, and the situation happened again. “I am afraid that I will eat less and my nutrition will not keep up.” Facing Chen Wang’s concerns, Wang Dan explained patiently, she introduced that eating more does not mean more nutrition. If you want to supplement nutrition, you must first have a reasonable diet.

At the scene, Wang Dan presented each elderly friend with a meal management plan for middle-aged and elderly people. Through the change of hand shape, he described the amount of food that should be eaten every day. Wang Dan suggested that the weight of each staple food for elderly friends should not exceed one fist, and the weight is just right when you are seven full; half a fist of meat is enough every day, and one egg should not be less; two hands of vegetables can satisfy the elderly for a day demand; fruit should be just the size of a fist; cooking oil should be no more than two tablespoons per day. In addition, Wang Dan also suggested that the elderly have a cup of milk powder every morning and evening, “milk is good, goat’s milk is better.”