Common sense of life: the correct way to drink honey water and the best time?

Water is one of the essential needs of the human body every day. The human body can not only moisturize the major tissues and organs in the body through drinking water, but also maintain the normal functioning of the human body and keep the body healthy. When drinking water, there are still many people who do not like to drink boiled water, so some friends add some honey to it, which can not only nourish the body, but also taste sweet and delicious.

But now there is a saying that you need to choose a time period to drink honey water. Some people even say that drinking honey water, if you choose the wrong time, will cause harm to the body. In fact, this is not the case. According to the doctor’s answer, there is no specific way to drink honey water. Time requirements, you can drink it whenever you want, but drinking honey water at a certain time is easier to be absorbed by the human body, which can better play a role in health care.

The correct way to drink honey water and the best time

1. Do not drink honey on an empty stomach, it will damage the gastric mucosa and cause stomach problems; do not drink honey water before going to bed. It is recommended to drink 100ml of warm water, which can help metabolism.

2. Do not wash honey with boiling water, it is recommended to use water below 60 degrees; do not put honey in metal containers. Honey is weakly acidic and chemically reacts with metals.

3. Do not drink honey water immediately after meals, which is not conducive to food digestion; do not drink honey water as soon as you get up, it will lose the metabolism of water.

4. Office workers can choose to drink honey water at 3-4 pm to relieve work fatigue, replenish energy and sugar, and improve work efficiency. If you often need to work at night or overtime, you can drink honey water around 9-10 pm to relieve fatigue, improve blood nutrition, nourish the skin, and reduce rough skin caused by staying up late. Secondly, drinking honey water half an hour before going to bed at night will help to improve the quality of sleep.

Mastering the correct drinking method and best time of honey water can better help the skin to improve its condition and slow down the aging speed. In addition, natural honey has many functions and functions. Let’s take a look:

Honey is a pure natural drink and has a certain health care effect on the human body. If you like drinking honey water, you may try to drink a glass of honey water in these two stages, which can help the body better absorb the nutrients in honey. Make honey work better.

But at present, the honey products on the market are mixed, and many products add a lot of additives in order to prolong the shelf life. If you want to choose natural and healthy honey, you may try the following.

1. The treasure of honey

This honey comes from Taibai Mountain, Qinling Mountains in my country, and has the reputation of “Golden Earth Honey” in the local area. Each bottle of honey contains more than 12 kinds of plant honey. Among them, rare ingredients such as royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and bee pollen are better preserved and have good health effects and higher nutritional value.

2. Manuka

Honey products from New Zealand have a viscous texture. When pouring honey, there will be a state of stacking honey, the edges are not easy to spread, naturally round, and the honey flows continuously. The most important thing is that the water content of this honey is extremely low, like a pearl, it is not easy to spread, and it is not easy to deteriorate.